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The Day Ahead: Monday, June 13

CNN will host a Republican debate in Manchester, New Hampshire at 8 p.m. (ABC)

President Obama will check in with his Jobs and Competitiveness Council in North Carolina before attending three fundraisers in Florida (Washington Post)

The Pentagon Papers will finally be declassified today (Politico)

The FBI is giving its agents new powers to get private information without court orders (New York Times)

Tim Pawlenty coins the term “ObamaneyCare” on Fox News Sunday:

On the main site:

My Governor, Rick Perry by William Murchison: Do I want him to run for President?

China Plays Reagan to Our Gorbachev, by Jed Babbin: Beijing has us over a barrel — until and unless our budget is brought under control. Are GOP hopefuls listening?

WeinerGate Stalemate, by Robert Stacy McCain: Can shame force the shameless Democrat out of Congress?

This Property Is Condemned, by The Prowler: Democrat leaders want to seize Weiner’s hard drives. Plus: Those TARP-tainted GOP presidential hopefuls.

Brain-Dead Economy, by Andrew B. Wilson: With nothing to offer but the harvesting of a few remaining vital organs.

Conscripts in a Ponzi Scheme, by Daniel Oliver: The upending truth about Social Security that no one — no one — is willing to face.

Detector Nannies, by Peter Hannaford: The Golden State’s latest efforts to choke its citizenry.

Everything Must Go, by James Bowman: For once, a meaty role for Will Ferrell.

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