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The Ad Romney Should Run

Scene: Mitt Romney and family standing in front of a very nice, large, expensive house with American flag waving in the breeze.

I’m Mitt Romney and I’m a successful businessman. In fact, while my Republican opponents and the left’s class warfare machine want to hold it against me that I’ve earned more money than any of the other candidates, it’s something I can’t and won’t apologize for.

Those who focus on my tax returns, trying to figure out how to turn my business success into political failure, completely miss the point.

Speaker Gingrich’s earnings, much of which like our current president’s earnings comes from book sales, are largely the result of self-promotion. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, the handful of people he employs hardly speaks to a broader understanding of the real-world economy. Furthermore, Mr. Gingrich’s past earnings have, also like our current president, included more than a million dollars eventually taken from taxpayers.

Cut to scene: A street of homes with foreclosure signs in front of them

To be fair, Mr. Gingrich apparently did not recognize the national disaster his “client” was about to inflict on homeowners across the nation, (Cut to image: Newt Gingrich reading something that looks like a history book) but then a “historian” should have known the inevitable outcome of government trying to buy homeowners’ votes without regard to economic consequences.

Dissolve to sequence of images of happy-looking employees of Staples and other companies in Romney’s investment portfolio

But here’s the main point: If I am earning investment returns as I am from my ownership of pieces of businesses, imagine how much money is being made not only by the other owners – which might include your very own pension plan – but also by those holding the more than hundred thousand jobs our investment has ended up creating?

Cut to unpleasant image of Speaker Gingrich

Speaker Gingrich is selling his influence, whether to Freddie Mac or health care companies.

Cut to picture of Jack Abramoff with Newt Gingrich (if one can be found, otherwise just Abramoff, looking dark and evil)

Even disgraced super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff said that Mr. Gingrich is “engaging in the exact same kind of corruption that America disdains.”

Dissolve to scene: Salt Lake City Winter Olympics ski jumper launching into the air and making a perfect landing

But when I served as Governor of Massachusetts, I took a yearly salary of $1, so there would be money in the state budget for me to retain key personnel. When I left Bain Capital for two years to turn around the consulting firm I used to work for, I did it successfully — again taking an annual salary of just $1. And when I took over management of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in 2002 after the worst corruption in Olympic history had nearly destroyed the Games, I took a salary of $1 and turned a potential loss of nearly $400 million into a $100 million profit for the organization, the state, and the Utah Athletic Foundation.

Cut to image of successful-looking Romney

In other words, the fact that I’ve been a successful businessman means I can put my mind to doing what needs to be done without worrying about how I’m going to turn my position into a lobbying contract later in life.

Cut to same image of Gingrich with Abramoff, or side by sides

I won’t be worried about offending some politician, bureaucrat, or K Street influence peddler who might hold a grudge when I’m looking for a job later because, as much as President Obama and his friends in Occupy Wall Street don’t like it…

Fade to first scene of Romney and family in front of nice, big, expensive house.

…I won’t need a job later.

I won’t need to focus on anything but the absolutely critical jobs at hand, whether undoing the tremendous economic damage caused by the Obama Administration or reminding Iran that the United States will not be pushed around by terrorism-supporting radicals and won’t apologize for standing up for our allies.

Zoom in to Romney’s face, though not too tight a shot, still showing American flag flying near house.

Unlike our current president who spends more time golfing than leading, and unlike our former Speaker of the House who looks at every opportunity to serve as an opportunity to profit, I give you my solemn word that I will focus on nothing else but the most important issues facing our nation, to returning prosperity and safety to our and our children’s future. 

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