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Team Hillary Ropes Off Reporters, They Meekly Comply

Hillary Clinton, like most candidates for public office, spent the weekend marching in a bunch of Independence Day parades, interacting with the common people as they lined the streets of small towns in New Hampshire, eager to get a glimpse of their local marching band, but only slightly annoyed that they were subject to a campaign. 

There were some mistakes. According to a reporter on Twitter, Jeb Bush got trapped behind a Bernie Sanders bus that featured live chickens, because the entire Bernie Sanders campaign, including its local volunteers, lack foresight (and, it seems, a basic understanding of livestock), and as Queen Hillary waved to her people on a New Hampshire boulevard, Clinton campaign staffers held reporters back with a moving rope line, lest they accidentally violate her personal space by asking her a question.

Campaign aides for Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton on Saturday roped off reporters from the candidate as she walked and talked with potential voters during a July Fourth parade in New Hampshire, sparking frustration from the press corps and outrage from the state Republican Party.

“Hillary Clinton continues to demonstrate her obvious contempt and disdain for the Granite State’s style of grassroots campaigning,” New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn said in a statement. “The use of a rope line at a New Hampshire parade is a sad joke and insults the traditions of our first-in-the-nation primary.”

Reporters were reportedly allowed to get close to Clinton but were later herded away by campaign aides concerned about crowd control.

The saddest part of the video, which you can watch at the link, may be the reporters, meekly being herded along, content with their rope prison, so long as it puts them within arms length of the candidate. She literally rope-a-dopes them. And they’re pretty much fine with it, at least by all visual accounts. 

The Clinton campaign responded to Republican criticism of their lassoing skills with a pun-laced statement:

“While the GOP might want to spin a good yarn on this, let’s not get tied up in knots. We wanted to accommodate the press, allow (Clinton) greet voters (sic.) And allow the press to be right there in the parade with her, as opposed to preset locations.”

Those “preset locations” are usually for “press conferences” which Team Hillary, despite “allowing” the press to trail her like her Ladies-in-Waiting, Clinton has “not done a single one of.” In fact, Clinton hasn’t talked to the media in months. Like, since she started her campaign. She may want them to ride her wake, but she’s loathe to consider them human. Fortunately for the campaign, I suppose, the press is more than willing to allow themselves to be led around, literally. Unfortunately, the GOP got a video of it, so the metaphors will abound as time wears on. 

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