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Spinning the DC Weather

The Washington Post‘s Juliet Eilperin (as usual) and David Fahrenthold have yet another story about a “study” published by an environmental pressure group — this time the National Wildlife Federation — that pushes, without critical comment, the climate catastrophism angle. Looks like they had to rush something out to explain to all us stupid people how we shouldn’t believe what we see with our own eyes.

The study charts how climate change is linked to more heavy precipitation, including intense snowstorms like the one that blanketed the D.C. area last month. The Great Lakes region is also experiencing more snow, the report says, because during warmer winters, “the lakes are less likely to freeze over or are freezing later [and] surface water evaporation is recharging the atmosphere with moisture.”

Richard Somerville, who was a lead writer of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 2007 report, said the public needs to grasp that it is important to reduce carbon dioxide quickly because it stays in the atmosphere for centuries.

“That’s where the scientific urgency comes from, not a particular weather event,” Somerville said. “There’s a scientific case for rapidly reducing emissions.”

As we know, environmentalists often act when it’s necessary to spin the weather in Washington to support their cause. And as we’ve learned in recent days, that this report was produced by an eco-activist group means it is immediately qualified to be included in the next UN IPCC report — and also qualified to be reported uncritically by the Post, which did take note of polls that show Americans just don’t care:

[The NWF report] comes at a time when, despite a wealth of scientific evidence, the American public is increasingly skeptical that climate change is happening at all. That disconnect is particularly important this year as the Obama administration and its allies in Congress seek to enact legislation to curb greenhouse gas emissions and revamp the nation’s energy supply.

Another example of why Eilperin and Fahrenthold don’t belong on the environmental beat: they can’t understand why there’s a “disconnect” between eco-extremists and the rest of America.

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