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Some of Obama’s Best Friends…

“Some of my best friends are …” is how many racist or bigoted jokes tend to start. The tellers of the jokes will often reference the few that they grew up with or the current ones they have in their lives. Maybe we have all been guilty of this at some point, but I’m pretty sure none of us is the President of the United States.

This joke started in 2008, when Obama stated there is no need for concern about Israel, since “some of his best friends were Jewish.” The ironic part of this joke is that he was probably telling the truth. This goes from the Emanuels to Chomsky, to the many college professors that raised him, to the Jews in Chicago that propped him up and the Hollywood Jewish celebrity who embraced him. Trust me, you were all used as “some of his best friends,” not that any of you care. Sadly, Alan Dershowitz, you were probably considered one of his “best friends.”

In 2008, a friend brought me to hear Mr. Dershowitz speak, and afterward, we had a few friendly comments. We had gone to the same high school, about 30 years apart, and I asked Mr. Dershowitz how two Jews who grew up so similarly were so philosophically different. I didn’t really care about his fame or stature. At that moment, we were just two Jews from Brooklyn. The answer, I have since realized, is he was brainwashed by the campuses and I wasn’t. He told me not to worry yet about Israel and to give it some time, and he wasn’t joking. Sadly, Mr. Dershowitz wasn’t just the prop for a joke. He was the actual punchline. Obama called you into his office and “asked you for his support,” and you gave it, Mr. Dershowitz. Did he also share with you that day all about his other best Jewish friends? Was his ultimate prop, Rahm Emanuel, in there, too? The truth is, Mr. Dershowitz, I know you are hurting right now and feel betrayed, but you just arrived at the party that’s almost over. I guess better late than never, and, as you have realized, it’s really late.

In 2015, when we learned that President Obama stated that he was “the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat” in the Oval Office, many of us knew the state of Israel was about to hit the fan. At this moment, Obama became the Jew in his own anti-Semitic joke. Yes, the President is anti-Israel always has been and always will be and, by proxy, is an anti-Semite, too. As bad as any Klansman or “alt-right” figure there is. Why mince words anymore? I know this won’t be popular with the high percentage of “alt-Jews” that voted for him, but it’s the truth. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself, “Why the hurry?” Why the need to punish Israel? Twenty some odd days left, why? What was the goal in not vetoing the resolution, other than to assist your “brothers” in arms? Objectively I can see no other reason. You are closer to Allah then you are to challah. Like I said, no more mincing of words.

I don’t throw around the term anti-Semite very often. I never thought my DMV tester was an anti-Semite for failing me or that my favorite grocery store is for not carrying blintzes. I don’t mind Jewish jokes for the most part, unless I am the one of the best friends being used. I don’t mind when people ask the often ridiculous questions about Jewish stereotypes they have heard. No, we don’t use a sheet, if you were wondering, and the Rothschilds don’t run the world. But President Obama, you “my best friend,” you the most “Jewish president,” you are the president whose administration called Bibi “Chicken S…” You are the one who has met with Al Sharpton multiple times; but to Al’s credit, he never prefaced his Jewish hate with “some of my best friends.” You who sat in the church of Wright who said “Israel is an apartheid state” and that “Jesus was a Palestinian,” you, “my best friend,” are an anti-Semite. Now that’s not the beginning of a bad joke but the ending of long one.

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