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Señor Boehner Says Gung Ho

Fresh from her dismal performance responding to President Obama’s State of the Union address (in which she stated no rebuttal or reaction to what he had said), Republican Conference Chairlady Cathy McMorris Rodgers told reporters, “We heard the president say this should be a year of action and that is our goal. We join the president in this effort to make this a year of action.” It’s as if she — speaking for the Speaker — shouted “gung ho.”

The phrase means “Forward Together” in Chinese. It was a good motto for Gen. Evans Carlson who used it to motivate the Marine Raiders in World War Two. It doesn’t sound as good at the beginning of the retreat in Maryland in which the House Republicans evidently have decided to save themselves from the strain of retreating by surrendering.

McMorris Rodgers’s remarks came a day after RNC Chairman Reince Priebus told reporters that there was a general consensus among Republicans that “something big” has to happen on the subject of illegal immigration. I write this about 90 minutes before Señor Boehner, in his continuing effort to oppose anything Obama is opposed to, is scheduled to release to the Republicans gathered at the retreat the immigration “compromise” he had his team cobbled together.

We don’t know the details yet, but the gist of it is that there will be some pretense of improved border security (like that fence they promised to build about seven years ago?) and legal status short of citizenship for the illegal aliens already here. It goes farther to provide some path to citizenship for children brought here illegally in the manner of the so-called “DREAM Act” peddled by the Democrats every two years or so.

Democrats must be gleeful this afternoon because they know how this will end. Señor Boehner — relying on Democrat votes to support him — will engineer the passage of a bill this summer unless conservatives revolt against Boehner (and possibly toss him out of the speakership while they’re at it, which they should).

The Dems think this is a perfect setup, because Republicans supposedly will be beaten up mercilessly in this year’s election if they stop the bill. That’s wrong: if the conservative revolt stops Boehner — whether or not it removes him, though it should — Americans will give support to them this year in strength and with an enthusiasm unseen since about 2004. If they don’t stop it, Harry Reid will engineer a conference committee to “compromise” between the House and Senate bills. In that event, there are two other outcomes.

The unlikeliest event — no, make that an event that will not happen — is that the conference would not come to an agreement on the issue of amnesty and the bill would die. The other possibility — make that a certainty — is that the House conferees would cave in and an amnesty bill will become law.

Take this to the bank: if the bill passes the House, there will be an amnesty granted to illegal aliens this year. Any promises along the way to the bill’s passage — more border security, restrictions on food stamps and other welfare — will be forgotten quickly once it becomes law.

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