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Second Time as Farce

The Washington Post reports that Senate leaders from both parties are working on a debt limit measure that would be grossly complex. In short, the idea is to add $1.5 in discretionary budget cuts (but not the ones Republicans wanted) to the already-convoluted McConnell plan for raising the ceiling, and then provide for a “new committee of 12 lawmakers, which would issue a report to Congress by the end of the year on how to cut trillions more from federal deficits over the next 10 years.”

Each feature of this complicated plan is designed so that one or more party can avoid accountability or place blame on another group. The idea that a new report-issuing committee would be helpful is especially laughable — as if the Bowles-Simpson committee had never happened. 

Of course, Bowles-Simpson was a way for President Obama to avoid any responsibility. It was successful in that respect, and another incarnation would also probably be just as good for that purpose. 

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