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Saul Anuzis Sounds Like a Liar

Even after this utterly tortured explanation about how he stole another delegate for Mitt Romney, Michigan GOP chairman Saul Anuzis still hasn’t explained why those first two at-large seats are awarded winner-take-all rather than proportionally. There is ZERO explanation. He just says that’s the way it is.

The guy who wrote the rules, Mike Cox, the former AG for Michigan, supports Romney for president, but he says this is not how it is supposed to work. He says the two delegates are supposed to be awarded proportionally, just like the 12 non-voting delegates. In short, this ROmney supporter says the rules support Santorum’s position. And so did every other explanation from the state party up until two nights ago — as even Anuzis admits, before meekly explaining that the earlier explanations were in error.

What a joke. This is a scandal. It is flagrantly dishonest. It’s not about the one delegate so much as it is about the rule of law — or in this case, the rule of (party) rules.

This is not about me favoring Santorum over Romney. It is about not changing the rules ex post facto. I have a long history of objecting when any rules are changed either ex post facto or even midstream.

There is nothing wrong with playing tough within the rules. There is everything wrong with using strong-arm tactics to run roughshod over the rules. That is what Anuzis has done. Shame on him. THis should be treated by the establishment media as a major scandal, even if it is only about a single delegate.

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