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How Religion Could Break Up Democrats’ Trusty Voting Blocs
Stained glass window depicting Moses with the 10 Commandments, Saint James’s Church, Stockholm, Sweden (jorisvo/

Several years ago, I heard a Catholic radio commentator say that the Islamic Middle East was so focused on the “Great Satan” (America) and the “Little Satan” (Israel) that they might miss the fact that another “Satan” was approaching from their rear — an increasingly Christianized east and north. Despite the best efforts of those trying to suppress the faith in China, the “Stans,” and the hinter regions of Iran, God was working to transform those cultures and draw his people to himself — a nightmare for the mullahs, ayatollahs, and functionaries of Xi.

From the get-go, with a flurry of executive actions, President Joe Biden is making our southern border more porous and moving to bring upwards of 20 million illegal immigrants “out of the shadows” — essentially an effort to secure a massive new voting bloc for his party. Pair that Hispanic surge with the Democrats’ already huge advantage with blacks, and the party of Pelosi and Schumer is beginning to make out victories as far as the eye can see.

Maybe not. Maybe there’s a Trojan Horse crossing near El Paso. Maybe the black voting bloc is a sleeping giant, about to awaken and roll over on them. And the reason could be religion.

Republicans are already seeing percentage gains among these voters. Politico’s Zack Stanton picked up on this trend in a November 12 piece, “How 2020 Killed Off Democrats’ Demographic Hopes.” Still, in this recent election, Hispanics went two to one for Biden and blacks went nine to one for him. But can this hold? I think not, and let me work briefly from the 10 Commandments to suggest why.

Consider this: Hispanics and blacks overwhelmingly identify with some form of Christianity, whether Catholic or Protestant, and their Bible contains the Decalogue, for which they profess respect. Of course, some of their churches field ministers serving up a socialistic “grievance gospel,” a nasty brew of perpetual resentment lacking biblical warrant, and many of “the faithful” are not discernibly faithful. But there’s still a big connection between church and ethnic populace.

Because of that, it’s hard to see how these two groups — Hispanics and blacks — can long abide marching alongside leftist politicos. When these ethnic hikers pause for the night, they increasingly and disturbingly find themselves bivouacked with strange bedfellows.

Let’s run through the list: Commandments one through four concern basic reverence for God. Over a third of Democrats call themselves “unaffiliated” (“nones,” if you will), compared to only a sixth of Republicans. Then there’s the fifth commandment, the one about honoring your parents. So where do we find the “children of the ’60s,” the ones who liberated themselves from, and continue to distance themselves from, the allegiances and scruples of their parents?

Number six forbids murder, which brings us to the black-on-black carnage in Democrat-led cities and the Democrat-platformed abortion mills, which destroy tens of thousands of innocent black babies for every not-quite-so-innocent George Floyd. Commandment seven addresses sexual immorality, for whose proliferation and enforced normalization Democrats are taking the lead. Eight forbids stealing and thus honors the status of private property. Socialists, who find their home on the left, are impatient with this institution. Nine forbids false testimony. The epithet “liar” is thrown around as carelessly and viciously as “racist,” but a critical mass is reached in the Swamp with Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Schiff, Steele, and Clinton. (We’re not talking obvious hyperbole, honest mistakes, or even confusion from negligence, but rather willful misleadings for the sake of harming others and/or protecting yourself.) And finally, 10, which condemns covetousness, the driver of the Left’s politics-of-envy car.

Of course, Republicans have godless, philandering, insolent, thieving, covetous, duplicitous, and otherwise treacherous politicians and voters. But it’s a binary choice. And you’re always voting for the lesser of two evils.

I think of the two men who scared up a grizzly. One drops immediately to put on his running shoes, and then the other shouts, “You’ll never outrun that bear.” The first responds, “Ah, yes, but I only have to outrun you.” And Republican agendas are better equipped to outrun the carnivorous, postmodern, leftist beast.

Of course, spiritual awakening across the nation could accelerate this phenomenon as people not only recognize but also internalize the 10 Commandments. I have in mind, for instance, the Wesleyan evangelical revival that helped deliver England from the revolutionary madness that descended on France in the 18th century. (Not incidentally, evangelicals who cherish that Wesley revival make up about a third of the Republican voting base.)

I’ll never forget the week that we Indiana Southern Baptists, in order to promote simultaneous revival meetings in their churches, dragged a cross 300 miles from Gary to Jeffersonville. Though many who saw or passed us were indifferent or occasionally scornful, I was struck by the enthusiasm we found in black observers. One man in a three-piece suit asked if he might take a turn pulling it around Indy’s Monument Circle in the noontime crowd. That same day, south of the city, two black girls ran out from behind the counter at a burger place to wave and shout at “Jesus” coming up the way. And down toward Columbus, a black truck driver honked and raised his “One Way” forefinger as he met us on the highway. Their spiritual roots were obvious, as when gay-marriage enthusiasts were gobsmacked by black support for California’s Proposition 8. They thought they had this demographic in their anti-referendum bag. Surprise!

No, I’m not saying that if you love God, you have to vote Republican. I am saying that God’s 10 Commandments should inform our votings for and our votings against. And too bad for “progressives” if they continue to forget and scorn the Lord’s bedrock guidance. As the old saying goes, the Word of God is an anvil that’s worn out many hammers.

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