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Re: Poll: O’Donnell….

Okay, I’m getting tired of my friend Jeff Lord taking shots at conservatives who do nothing other than report straight, incontrovertible facts about Christine O’Donnell. John McCormack’s article about O’Donnell’s lawsuit against the good folks at ISI is nothing but straight news reporting. The facts are that Ms. O’Donnell’s personal history is full of the sorts of questions that would make conservatives howl if she were a liberal instead of a conservative. There ARE things that matter in choosing a candidate in addition to raw ideology. Character does count. And not EVERY battle between a conservative and a moderate is a choice between the country class and the ruling class. Sometimes it is a matter of avoiding the choice of somebody who has no class,  in the sense of no classiness. And there are plenty of other good reasons why conservatives may not support the candidate who happens to be the most outspokenly conservative candidate in the race. Doing so does not make one a traitor to the conservative cause. Indeed, the reasons for supporting some other candidate, or for staying neutral, could very well be rooted in very conservative sentiments, conservative reasons, conservative judgment, and conservative practicalities.

It is no sin to support Christine O’Donnell. It is a sin against Reagan’s 11th Commandment, rightly understood, to take pot-shots at fellow conservatives who refuse to support her. And it is passing strange that somebody who sues one of the most important conservative organizations in the country (ISI) should be so rabidly supported by so many conservatives. It does not necessarily hold that the enemy of my friend is my enemy, but it does hold that the enemy of my friend is, on the face of things, of dubious status as a friend herself. ISI is the friend of conservatives everywhere. And as far as I know, ISI isn’t prone to lying about its own record — its educational status, its debts, its past electoral history, etc. It therefore behooves conservatives to be very wary of someone who HAS repeatedly engaged in such falsehoods while suing an organization that has proved friendly for nearly 60 years. And it bleeping well is entirely acceptable for conservatives to choose not to endorse such a person. Other conservatives who do endorse her should stop attacking the motives or outlook of those who don’t endorse her, and instead spend their time making whatever case they can for her, on her own merits, without accusing the non-endorsers of being RINOs or elitists or any other name disreputable among conservatives.

Can it.

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