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Perry’s Iraq Blunder

In Saturday’s Republican debate in New Hampshire, Texas Governor Rick Perry said, as he has in the past, that he would “send troops back into Iraq” to prevent Iranian dominance in Iraq from effectively wasting the blood and treasure which America sacrificed to topple Saddam Hussein and try to guide that country toward some sort of sustainable democracy.

But when even John McCain opposes sending troops into Iraq, you know Perry has made a serious mistake. McCain said that “the moment and window of opportunity [to keep troops in Iraq] has now been closed.”

Perry is undoubtedly right that President Obama’s precipitous pulling of all U.S. troops from Iraq was an effort to “kowtow to his liberal leftist base,” but the idea that Americans would tolerate sending troops back into that sandy quagmire shows a remarkably out-of-touch politician, or someone so desperate that he’s willing to say almost anything to get attention and differentiate himself from the rest of the GOP field.

The other day when Rick Perry’s betting odds of being the Republican nominee were trading around 2 percent, I said that that was about 2 percent too high. Now that the odds are down to one percent, allow me to repeat myself: his odds are 2 percent too high.

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