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PC Sports Losers of 2017

Anti-congratulations to Roger Goodell and the NFL for the dubious honor of being 2017’s spoilsports of the year for unnecessarily injecting partisan politics and political correctness into sports. This is the second year in a row the NFL landed in the top spot. Check out the top (or bottom) ten below to see who else landed on the list for doing their best in 2017 to try to wring the joy out of being a sports fan:

  1. Baseball Hall of Fame Voters

While Fidel Castro-loving and police-hating Colin Kaepernick gets Man of the Year type awards from the likes of Sports Illustrated and GQ Magazine, sports writers have a different take when it comes to conservative activists.

When the 2017 Hall of Fame vote totals were announced, Curt Shilling, despite having similar statistics as recently enshrined John Smoltz, saw a dramatic drop in votes from the previous year. Why, you might ask? Several of the voters, who are made up of baseball writers, weren’t shy to boast that Shilling’s politics were the reason. While liberal activism is considered virtuous by sportswriters, it is considered terrible for conservatives.

It is time Cooperstown take away the voting privileges of those who discriminate against HOF candidates because of their political beliefs.

  1. The Coordinated Erasing of History

There is nothing more Orwellian than rewriting history. For those wishing to erase history it was a banner year, from George Washington’s former Church removing a plaque memorializing him to the toppling of countless statues and monuments.

It was bad enough this boorish and sophomoric behavior happened with little or no debate and often in the middle of the night. What made this worse was that many professional sports teams joined the mob and enthusiastically endorsed the destruction of American history. This was the case in Tampa Bay when all the major professional sports team paid money to remove the Memoria in Aeterna monument from the county courthouse.

  1. The Tebow Treatment

The petty people who hound Tim Tebow because of his professed Christian values are a tiresome rude lot. This season, the minor league Charleston RiverDogs mocked his, and in a way, all Christians’ faith as part of the promotional fun when his team came to town. One imagines if a Muslim got the Tebow treatment the ACLU would have camped out on the team’s doorstep with lawsuits in hand, and the national media would have swarmed Charleston like the plague to fret over religious bigotry.

  1. John Henry

Busybody Red Sox owner John Henry is demanding that Boston rename its famed Yawkey Way, which was named after the beloved Yawkey family who owned the Red Sox for over 40 years.

Why? Because the Yawkey Family, six decades ago, weren’t progressive enough for Henry by his politically correct 21st century standards. Perhaps Henry should worry more about getting the Red Sox past the first round of the playoffs than about whom the City of Boston chooses to name a public street.

  1. World Baseball Classic

Talk about your anti-melting pot, the World Baseball Classic put ethnicity and racial identity on a nauseating pedestal. The good news is the United States team won for the first time since the WBC’s inception. The bad news is a lot of players born and raised in the United States skipped playing for team U.S.A. due to ethnic heritage. An example of this is star player Manny Machado who was born and raised in Florida and who has never lived outside of America. Nonetheless, Machado played for the Dominican Republican during the WBC as that is his ethnic background.

Yikes, what a balkanized mess political correctness has made of us. Maybe next time the games roll around, the WBC will do away with the pretense and just have four different teams: Hispanic, Asian, White, and those of African descent. Expansion next time around might give pride of place to gender preference.

  1. Real Madrid

One of the world’s premier soccer teams caved to religious bigotry in the name of the almighty dollar and political correctness. It seems the logo for Real Madrid (“real” roughly translates to “royal” in Spanish) is a crown, which is a replica of the Spanish crown with a barely perceptible cross on it. Real Madrid self-censored the cross in certain locales in the Middle East due to business considerations and Muslim sensitivity.

This nod to bigotry barely got noticed in the press, which is par for the course, as the media does a great job of looking the other way at other religious bigotry in sports, such as the barbaric discrimination athletes from Israel have to endure when competing against some Middle Eastern countries and like-minded athletes.

  1. Athletes who boycott team functions at the White House

Are you sick and tired of a never-ending parade of professional athletes who boycott a nonpartisan team event at the White House so they can play personal politics? Now some athletes are going one step further by announcing they are boycotting the White House visit before they even get an invitation. This stupidity hit its apex when several members of the Golden State Warriors announced they wouldn’t be going to the White House before they were even invited. Ms. Manners certainly wouldn’t approve of such a breach of etiquette.

President Trump eventually did issue an invite but then withdrew it over comments made by Warriors’ Captain Stephen Curry. Good for the President. He should invite a high school basketball team, instead, who will actually appreciate the honor.

  1. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

The good news about Adam Silver is he seems to be the one sports commissioner with the guts to ban player protests during the National Anthem. The bad news about Adam Silver is his human rights hypocrisy and his shabby treatment of North Carolina.

Twenty seventeen was the year North Carolina unconditionally surrendered to Silver and reversed its transgender restroom bill in part to get the NBA All-Star game back after Silver pulled the scheduled game. Silver, on the other hand, has no worries about playing NBA games in places like China where human rights violations abound. I wonder how many transgender restrooms they have in China’s basketball arenas?

  1. ESPN

Outside of the Cleveland Browns, has anyone had a worse couple of years in the sports world than ESPN? Declining ratings and layoffs along with steep revenue drops plague the network. What is it they say about karma? ESPN, a few years ago, decided it was no longer a sports news network and instead became an MSNBC wannabe. It’s been paying the price ever since.

ESPN’s current lunacy can best be summed up by star persona Jemele Hill who tweeted this year that President Trump is “a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists.” She also asked people to boycott the Dallas Cowboys because she perceived team owner, Jerry Jones, as being against NFL Players anthem protests. And don’t forget ESPN removing a commentator by the name of Robert Lee from a football assignment because he shares the same last name as the Civil War General. No word yet about his middle initial.

Stay tuned to ESPN for scores and highlights crammed in between mean spirited political commentary.

  1. NFL/Roger Goodell

Like ESPN, it has been a rough couple of years for the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell, and they have nobody to blame but themselves.

Last year the league took a ratings and revenue hit from the Kaepernick anthem protests that spread to other players. So what did the league do this year to turn things around? How about make matters worse by endorsing the players’ anthem protests after President Trump made it a national issue. Recently the NFL has announced they are going to donate $100 million of its football fans’ money to leftist charities run by the likes of Van Jones. That will sure be a crowd pleaser to Middle America who makes up the bulk of the NFL’s fan base.

The one piece of good news for the NFL is that thanks to its politics its brand has become such a dumpster fire nobody is talking about other league problems, such as CTEs. Oh, and in the they-deserve-each-other category, it was reported yesterday that the NFL has extended Roger Goodell’s contract another five  years. It could be worth $200 million. Not as much as he wanted, but who said life is fair? And if he can’t deal with it, there’s always a knee he can take before every game.

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