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Our C.S. President

To paraphrase Jeremiah Wright, the president’s long-time spiritual leader, the chickens**t is coming home to roost. The problem is that Obama and his White House Brat Pack will make sure it continues to do so for another two years.

The President of Chickens**t’s team expresses his policies and acts upon them in consistent disregard for America’s national security interests and those of our allies. How different was former National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor’s statement last May that he couldn’t imagine how anyone could still be concerned with the Benghazi attacks — he exclaimed to Fox News’ Bret Baier, “Dude, that was like two years ago” — from a senior Obama administration official last week calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “a chickens**t” and a “coward”?

There is no difference whatever except in context. The statements are expressions of a dominant mindset in the White House. It’s a devolution from the “best and the brightest” of the Kennedy era to the “most narcissistic and arrogant” of Obama’s presidency.

Jeffrey Goldberg’s report in the Atlantic was both detailed and clear. Not only does he report that an unnamed senior Obama official said that Netanyahu is “a chickens**t,” the same report said the official called the Israeli PM a coward on the issue of the Iran’s nuclear weapons program. “The good thing about Netanyahu is that he’s scared to launch wars.” Now, said the official, it’s too late for Netanyahu to do anything about the Iran nuclear program. As if that were true and a good thing to boot.

The media have reacted with surprise — rather than disdain — at these remarks and the administration has made a show of apologizing. But the truth of Obama’s determined break with Israel is now quite evidently a key part of the legacy Obama wants to establish. Consider the context in which these remarks occur.

The first part of the context is the fundamental difference between the Israeli leader and Obama. Barack Obama spent his youth as a member of the “Choom Gang,” smoking weed and heaven knows what else, being coddled through the halls of academia (we still know nothing about his grades or the courses he studied). Benjamin Netanyahu was born in Israel, spent much of his youth in Philadelphia and when he returned to Israel, joined the Israeli army. He became a member of their elite commando unit — Sayeret Matkal (modeled after the British Special Air Service and akin to our Delta Force) — and served in a hostage rescue mission as well as the 1973 war. He was wounded in battle more than once. In each case, the boy made the man.

The second part of the context was contained in a Washington Free Beacon report — and accompanying recording of Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes (who led the effort to make the Benghazi talking points sing Obama’s false tune) saying that to Obama the forthcoming deal with Iran on its nuclear weapons program is as important to the president as Obamacare was. Rhodes also said that the deal was being engineered to avoid congressional involvement, which means that the Senate won’t be presented with a treaty to ratify. Obama wants to make this deal another “executive agreement” instead to deprive the Senate of an opportunity to reject it.

We know from other reports that Obama is eagerly pursuing a deal that won’t prevent Iran from enriching uranium to the point that it can be quickly further enriched to fissile material, and will not do anything to slow — far less stop — Iran’s current effort to build enough hardened facilities and defenses around the nuclear weapon production sites to prevent an attack from destroying them. At least an attack that doesn’t apply nuclear weapons to do so.

The third part of the context is in Obama’s and Kerry’s treatment of Israel and its leader. There have been two famous attempts by Obama to “reset” our relationships with parts of the world and, though both have resoundingly failed, Obama is still committed to them. His “reset” with the Islamic world was stated in his June 2009 speech in Cairo in which he stated that Islam has always been a part of America’s history (which it has, but only as the predominant religion of enemy nations) and said that we were traumatized by the 9/11 attacks which produced fear and anger, and demanded Israel stop building “settlements” in places such as Jerusalem which is Israel’s capital, which he contended harmed the peace process.

In 2010, Obama met with Netanyahu in the White House, presented him with a list of thirteen demands and when the Israeli leader didn’t accept them immediately, abruptly left the room to have dinner with his family, telling Netanyahu to “let him know if anything changed.” He treated the elected leader of our only Middle East ally as if he were a teenager caught stealing a car.

Nothing changed in that meeting, except for making it clear to Israel that Obama was, unlike every one of his predecessors, committed to an anti-Israel policy, which became more and more clear as Kerry pursued Obama’s “peace process.” (Obama’s other “reset” — with Russia — encouraged Vladimir Putin’s actions which are currently flying aircraft — and apparently sailing submarines — threatening the borders of NATO nations.)

Obama and Kerry have bluntly blamed Israel for the failure of Kerry’s wrongheaded effort to negotiate a peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and have continued to shun Israeli representatives. They have made war more likely, not less. In negotiating the temporary nuclear weapons deal with Iran last year, Obama made it clear that America wanted to tie Israel’s hands so it couldn’t prevent one.

All of Obama’s policies against Israel and in favor of Iran won’t change in tomorrow’s election. And neither will the President of Chickens**t be deterred in his domestic policies even if the Republicans gain control of the Senate.

Nothing Congress will do can stop Obama from pursuing his agenda. He will, soon after the election, issue his unconstitutional and illegal order of amnesty for illegal aliens. He will, as long as he is in office, continue to spend money we don’t have on domestic policies that divide America while continuing to impoverish — both financially and intellectually — our military, our intelligence agencies, and everything else having to do with our nation’s security.

House Republicans were planning to sue Obama to stop some of this from happening, which they haven’t done probably because they realize the lawsuit would be thrown out of court. They won’t impeach him and they won’t prevent his spending or block any of his foreign policy actions for fear of blame for a government shutdown. The next two years are going to be very bleak indeed.

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