O’s Clueless Russia Reset

We expressed great alarm when President Obama was caught privately assuring President Putin that he would have “more flexibility” after our November election. The gullible Obamites — who a year ago still were calling Bashar al-Assad a “reformer” — ridiculed Mitt Romney for saying that “Russia is not a friendly character on the world stage.” Vice President Biden (of all people) mocked Romney for being naïve and stuck in the 1950s.

They look even more clueless today.

O’s Clueless Russia Reset
By Asher Embry

So now the Russians send Assad their helicopters for
His ruthless, bloody massacre which now is civil war.
And Putin’s launching missiles on ballistic testing flights.
He threatens that he’ll stage attacks on NATO missile sites.
He’s blocking UN sanctions. And he’s doing all he can
To help the mullahs reach their dream of nuclear Iran.

That puerile reset button’s really working like a charm.
We’ve given fits to Czechs and Poles; we’ve START-ed to disarm.
It’s harder to enumerate the benefits we’ve gotten.
At haggling, I am sad to say, O’s slightly worse than rotten.

Yet still Obama’s finger’s poised above his reset button.
He’s given Russia all they want — for which we’ve gotten nuttin’.
So once again we’re Putin’s toy; it’s really getting old.
To Putin, O’s an easy mark who’s always being rolled. 

Vlad’s fleecing us already; vote Obama and we’ll see
How Putin fully screws us with O’s “flexibility!”

(You can read more of Asher Embry’s Political Verse at www.politicalverse.com.)

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