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Olympics 2016: Men Compete as Women. Women Silent.

Last month, we looked at The Rise of the New Patriarchy and Title IX. Today, we see how the transgendered nonsense is going to destroy the Olympics for young women.

Cat got your tongue, ladies?

Are feminists caught in a progressive mushy double-bind? Or do women concede that men are better than women at everything — including being women Olympic athletes?

This Olympics, a woman can be kicked out of competition for using male hormones but an actual man, bathed for life in those same male hormones, will be allowed to compete as a woman. This genetic male, born and raised with all sorts of biological advantages, gets to engage in an athletic endeavor on a fundamentally unfair playing field.

Women remain silent.

Feminists who’ve fought for generations to be given a fair chance on the playing field, by saying nothing, support something so fundamentally unfair that average men will push extraordinary women out of positions of influence and excellence at the pinnacle of athletic endeavor — the Olympics.

To a progressive, it is prejudiced to note the obvious: men and women are biologically different. And so, feminist women have put themselves into a box. How can they argue that a biological male should compete with men when they’ve spent years saying that men and women are the same? How can feminists say that men get an unfair advantage when these same ladies have argued that gender is a social construct and that male or femaleness is wholly due to culture and nurture?

These women have been and continue to be fools. Now, however, their foolishness is being exposed by men in sports bras and lycra and cleats.

The Daily Mail  trumpeted this exciting headline over the weekend,”Transgender British athletes born male set to make Olympic history by competing in the games as women.”  Small caveat: athletes won’t know who the men are when they’re competing against them. The rest of the female athletes are going to have to wonder if they’ve been beaten by a man who is cheating:

Two British athletes born male are on the verge of making history by competing in women’s events at next month’s Olympic Games, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

If selected, the unnamed pair will become the world’s first transgender Olympians at Rio.

But worryingly for British sports fans, they have revealed they are so fearful of being exposed and ridiculed under the Olympic spotlight, they would ‘probably drop back’ if they found themselves in a medal-winning position.

Their inclusion in Team GB will be hailed as a remarkable human rights victory — but it will also ignite controversy, with critics arguing that male-to-female competitors have an unfair biological advantage in terms of size, muscle mass and lung capacity.

It will be a “remarkable human rights victory” for whom, exactly? Women have been fighting for the rights, benefits, and privileges men have enjoyed on the field (better coaches, more money in sports programs, equally good facilities, equal pay, lucrative endorsement deals) for decades. Now, men can appropriate female culture, wear longer hair, put on some make-up and qualify as women?
Many today will have forgotten the East German athletes and the doping scandal at the 1976 Olympics. Like today, the media buried the controversy. Women from the East, looking like overly muscled men, competed against women and, doped up with steroids, easily beat their natural competitors. Here’s a reminder of the injustice created by East German doping via Swimming World Magazine:
Reports from the East German Stasi files, first obtained by Phil Whitten and reported in Swimming World Magazine, indicated that more than 10,000 athletes were party to the abuse; most unknowingly and without parent permission. Many of the women have gone on to experience psychological problems or have delivered children with birth defects from the after-effects of doping.

One outspoken American athlete, Shirley Babashoff, was ridiculed at the time for daring to condemn her competitors. Babashoff, a record-breaking swimmer, was ripped off after all her hard work:

Babashoff was branded by the media as a poor sportsperson for her comments implying that the East German women were on growth hormones. Headlines called her “Surly Shirley.” Favored to win multiple gold medals, she came away with four silver and only one gold medal.

According to Mark Schubert, her coach at the time, “She was the only one that had the guts to speak out back then. If anybody had the right to speak out, it was her because she was the one that was cheated out of Olympic gold medals.”

If the record books were to remove all the East German performances for that Olympics, Babashoff would have been the toast of the town with 5 gold medals and one bronze. Instead, she got roasted. “She was abhorred by the media,” Coach Schubert concluded.

Go read the whole piece to understand the systemic cheating and how world-class female American athletes were deprived of their medals by drug-enhanced pseudo-men.

Today, American female athletes may have to compete against not just steroid-fueled women but actual men. Why do the Olympics ban hormones at all when men can compete against women? A man’s lifetime hormone levels will give him advantages that East German communists could only dream about.

And the feminists remain silent.

What a wonderful time for human male rights! What a terrible time to be a female Olympic athlete.

Melissa Mackenzie
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Melissa Mackenzie is Publisher of The American Spectator. Melissa commentates for the BBC and has appeared on Fox. Her work has been featured at The Guardian, PJ Media, and was a front page contributor to RedState. Melissa commutes from Houston, Texas to Alexandria, VA. She lives in Houston with her two sons, one daughter, and two diva rescue cats. You can follow Ms. Mackenzie on Twitter: @MelissaTweets.
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