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Obama’s Family Funding Sharia

A new campaign issue explodes.

An issue that illustrates exactly the kind of thinking that resulted in the deaths of the American Ambassador to Libya and his colleagues. An issue that shows exactly why a 14-year-old Pakistani girl named Malala was shot in the head by the Taliban — and why the Taliban are now threatening journalists for covering Malala’s plea for educated women. 

An issue that now, per a Fox News “Breaking News” report from Wendell Goler as this is written, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in Peru saying the buck in all this stops with her. (Note: We suggested this back on September 18 — when we called for the Secretary’s resignation.)

The issue: Funding Sharia .

The players.

  • The President of the United States.
  • Mama Sarah Onyango Obama, the 90-year old (born in 1922) step-grandmother of the President of the United States — who wrote her up in his biography Dreams From My Father, invited her to his inauguration (she came) and affectionately calls her “Granny Sarah.” (Note: She is referred to here by both her nicknames of “Mama Sarah” and President Obama’s favorite, “Granny Sarah.”)
  • Musa Ismail Obama, the President’s first cousin.
  • Sayid Obama, half-uncle to Barack Obama, said by Musa to be the President’s favorite and main point of contact for the President with his Kenyan family.

Then the list of players gets even more interesting.

  • Al-Jazeera, the Arabic television network.
  • The International Reporting Project. Based in Washington, D.C., the IRP was created in 1998 and is headquartered at Johns Hopkins University’s Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies. The IRP’s Advisory Board includes Jill Abramson, the Executive Editor of the New York Times. Columnist Nicholas Kristof, also of the New York Times, serves as does CNN producer Tom Bettag along with others, including a one-time Washington Post executive.
  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • The Carnegie Corporation of New York
  • Greenpeace, the left-wing environmental group.
  • The Catholic Relief Services.
  • The Guardian, the famous left-wing British newspaper.

And last but not least….

  • The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) of the United States government.

Let’s first go to the video, in this case a 39-minute video broken into three pieces and placed on YouTube. And also begin with a hat tip to Ben Barrack, our Texas friend, who brought the original work of Walid and Theodore Shoebat to my attention, launching my own investigation.

The videos are a stunning sight to see.

There on Al Jazeera (now posted in three parts on YouTube here, here, and here) sits one Musa Ismail Obama, the Kenyan cousin of the President of the United States, calmly telling the interviewer in fluent Arabic (English translation gracing the screen) that Barack Obama’s “Granny Sarah” is using the Obama name to raise money to fund Sharia educations.

You read that right.

Sharia (alternately spelled with and without the last “h”), described thusly by the Center for Security Policy (in its study Shariah: The Threat to America — An Exercise in Competitive Analysis) as a “totalitarian socio-political doctrine” and by Conrad Black as “Islam’s totalitarian legal system.” In shorthand, this is the religious doctrine of Islam. Relentlessly demanded by the Muslim Brotherhood and now governing both Iran and Saudi Arabia while closing in on Egypt — Sharia is far more than a religious doctrine. It tells non-Muslims they have three choices:

  • Convert to Islam
  • Submit to Sharia as second-class citizens
  • Be killed.

As the CSP points out, not all are given Option Two.

Among the doctrine’s more vivid beliefs in this “Civilization Jihad” whose documented mission includes “eliminating and destroying” the Western way of life, are stoning women to death for adultery, (or simply shooting them, as this video aired on CBS News graphically shows), a husband’s right to wife-beating, female genital mutilation, and punishing homosexuality with death (as reported here by the Guardian in a story about Iran’s Sharia laws at work).

But hey, no never mind.

Everybody from the Gates Foundation to the IRP to the Carnegie Foundation and more just loves lavishing time and attention on “Granny Sarah,” the charming third wife of the President’s late grandfather, making “Granny Sarah” the President’s step-grandmother.

Yet step-grandmother or no, in Africa and the Middle East, “Granny Sarah” is a celebrity with both stature and clout. Think of her as a senior combination of Kate Middleton and Hillary Clinton. Someone whose family relationship has bequeathed her rock star status, which she then wields deftly in the world of politics and international affairs by raising bucks. The latter in the service of Islam and Sharia

How is the game played?

Why on earth would people like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the IRP, the Carnegie Corporation, Catholic Relief Services, Greenpeace, the Guardian, and a prominent U.S. government agency like the CDC ever in a thousand years get hooked in with someone who is using her celebrity to promote a culture endorsing wife-beating, the stoning of women, and killing gays?

The answer is to be found in the lovely-sounding Mama Sarah Obama Children Foundation, its website found here. Begun after President Obama rose to fame — its very existence a direct result of Sarah Obama’s fame as the President’s step-grandma — the foundation was begun as the Sarah Obama Benevolent Fund Institute. The Mama Sarah Foundation has five very benign goals that have attracted gullible Westerners like flies to honey. They all revolve around orphans, children with HIV/AIDS, and educating poor children.

The buzz words that attract these gullible Westerners are all there. “Suffering orphans.” “Vulnerable children.” “HIV/AIDS.” “Needy children” who are being helped to “achieve their dreams irrespective of their humble background.”

The missing word in these goals — a word that is in fact missing completely from the Mama Sarah website?

That’s right. The missing word is “Sharia.”

Yet sitting down for that video-taped interview with Al Jazeera, an interview that was televised not without intention to rich Islamic extremists everywhere, Musa Obama says this of the Mama Sarah Obama fund in responding to questions about the foundation’s scholarships:

Q. So then you open opportunities for other universities? Do all these scholarships involve studying Arabic and Sharia?

A. Uuu…hhh the majority of course is Sharia schools because I have strong connections and relationships with primarily Sharia institutions. Now of course we are beginning to have a strong need for doctors and engineers, and lawyers so our students also need to study these things….

And this (bold emphasis mine):

It (the Mama Sarah fund) provides services for orphans, there’s about 50 orphans, in madrases (sic), in elementary and secondary schools…. There are also students, praise to be Allah, they get scholarship…

And of his own education? Musa Obama says:

“I studied Arabic and Sharia in Medina in Saudi Arabia.”

The interviewer notes that the Obama family is a “Muslim family” and thus: “…you keep Sharia in a very strong way?”

“Yes, of course,” replies Musa.

Where do these Obama-funded scholarships — the money raised because of the family connection to the President of the United States — take the recipient?

“Many obtained scholarships to Islamic universities. Very soon some of them will be going to Islamic Universities in Medina and other places in Saudi Arabia.”

Full stop. Let’s parse, step by step.

Beginning with this reference:

Cousin Musa is introduced as “a memorizer of the Koran and is a teacher in Kenya.” Musa is visiting Al Jazeera in Doha (the capital of Qatar) after his “return from the pilgrimage in Mecca. In Saudi Arabia.”

The purpose of Cousin Musa’s drop-by? To discuss:

..the relationship of Obama’s family with the American president and the living conditions of the Muslims in Kenya and also discuss the Sarah Benevolence Institute. Sarah is the grandmother of President Obama…

The interviewer stipulates an apparent agreement with Musa not to discuss any political issues, and with that the interview is off and running.

There is “continual communication” between the Obamas of Kenya and “his excellence, the President of the United States,” says Musa., adding “Praise be to Allah that relationship is very well.” Most of the “continual communication” between “his excellence” and his family comes through Uncle Sayid “who we participated in the Hajj with, may Allah be praised, when we came with grandma last year.”

The discussion moves to all of the people in the poverty of West Kenya who want something from the Obamas because of their famous relative, and the resulting creation of the Sarah Hussein Obama Institute for Benevolence.

The Institute was “created to aid the people,” says Musa.

When the Obama family went to the Hajj last year, says Musa, they were invited to the Saudi king’s royal quarters. It seems the Obamas thought they were too late for the pilgrimage to Mecca and Granny Sarah wrote a letter to the Saudi Ambassador. Things happened quickly and the Obamas were invited by the Saudi royals to make the trip. Especially, says the interviewer, “because you are a Muslim family.”

When the interviewer asks whether anything was requested of the Obamas while in Mecca, Musa declines to answer for political reasons.

The conversation turns to Sarah’s Benevolence Institute, now formally known as the Mama Sarah Obama Children Foundation.

And immediately becomes more than a charming family story of an American president’s family tree.

Many people in Sarah’s village and throughout West Kenya wanted to be associated with the Obama name. The usual business or political types. But there was also a desire — fulfilled — for education and scholarships for students. What kind of education? Scholarships? Scholarships to where? 

“It [the Mama Sarah fund] provides services for orphans, there’s about 50 orphans, in madrases (sic)….

What was it then-Secretary of State Colin Powell said about madrassas back in 2004 when testifying before the House Appropriations Committee? Powell testified that madrassas were a breeding ground for “fundamentalists and terrorists.”

In an October 16, 2003 memo to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other top Pentagon officials, then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld posed this question about the role of madrassas:

Today, we lack metrics to know if we are winning or losing the global war on terror. Are we capturing, killing or deterring and dissuading more terrorists every day than the madrassas and the radical clerics are recruiting, training and deploying against us?

Newt Gingrich is long on record discussing the threat of “the spread of Radical Islamism through mosques and madrassas.”

Even the liberal Brookings Institution has taken issue with the IRP’s Peter Bergen on the subject of radical Islam being cultivated in Pakistan’s madrassas.

And yet there is the President’s cousin Musa calmly sitting on Al-Jazeera discussing how Mama Sarah’s fund “provides services…for madrases.

And the scholarships? Says Musa:

“Many obtained scholarships to Islamic universities. Very soon some of them will be going to Islamic Universities in Medina and other places in Saudi Arabia.”

The interviewer gets back to the funding of Mama Sarah’s Obama Foundation. Where does it come from?

“The funding comes from people of benevolence in Western countries , and even some in Kenya. 90% comes from non-Muslims who fund Sarah’s Benevolence Institute.” This includes charitable institutions in the United States.

How much funding? Well, Musa wasn’t sure because it all related to “students who are getting scholarship.” Then he says this of Mama Sarah’s Foundation:

A. It provides services for orphans, there’s about 50 orphans, in madrases, in elementary and secondary schools….There are also students, praise to be Allah, they get scholarshi…

Q. Scholarship to where?

A. To the Islamic University, in Medina. We also in the month of Muhharam visited the dean of Umm al-Qura University, me and my uncle Sayid, and some of the friends, and the nature of the visit was to facilitate scholarship, to send students to Umm al-Qura. My presence also in Doha, I met some of the brethren who work in the Waqf ministry. And of course I’m going to visit Qatar, and the goal will be to provide scholarships to students.

Q. You mean student scholarships?

A. Scholarships, oh yes. Because they are such a huge number. Because when they send an application to Sarah Obama Benevolence Fund they expect to get what they want. Since these [universities] are flooded.


By Musa’s account of what Granny Sarah is up to, the goal is to use her fame as the step-grandmother of the President to bring in the big bucks for her foundation. The lure for gullible Westerners is the Obama name and the whole business about needy children and HIV/AIDS.

In fact, the money is also used to indoctrinate kids in the ways of Sharia.

And who responds to this interesting game?

Up steps the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In the name of providing a better understanding of “global health issues,” the Gates Foundation makes a $300,000 grant to the International Reporting Project. On whose advisory board sits the New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson and the above-mentioned others. The IRP uses the Gates money in June of 2012 to send a dozen journalists to Mama Sarah’s front door in her Kenyan village. The obvious purpose: to get the message out about the wonderful Obama Foundation and all it is doing for women and needy children.

This time, there was a bit of an interesting snag. The Guardian, the left-leaning British paper, sent along a reporter by the name of Martin Robbins. Mr. Robbins was apparently semi-awake, although, sadly not alert. Suspicious that he was being had, but in the style of left-wingers everywhere, Robbins is aghast to find out that Granny Sarah opposes abortion. What? Obama’s grandmother is pro-life?!!!! Instantly one can see Robbins mark her down in left-wing fashion as some sort of conventional Western-style right-winger. A change in color, goes the implication, and this woman could be Pat Robertson’s grandmother.

Not quite.

It turns out that another journalist is present on this trip. A fellow Brit named Julia Manning of the Daily Mail. Ms. Manning digs out a memorable quote from Granny Sarah when asking how men should treat their wives. Replies Sarah:

“The disobedient wives should be beaten.”

Startled, Manning makes sure of what she thinks all these foreign journalists sent by the IRP and funded by the Gates Foundation have just heard. Did Granny Sarah just say it was fine and dandy for men to beat their wives? Replies a casually steely Granny Sarah:

“Yeah, they should be beaten.”

Martin Robbins is now beside himself. How can this be? Barack Obama’s own grandmother believes in the physical abuse of women? One can almost see Robbins’ brain shivering in un-comprehension.

Does Robbins get it? Well, no. Not once does it dawn on Robbins that there is a direct connection between this lovely senior celebrity African woman — and Sharia. Which specifically advocates wife-beating.

There is not a single mention of Sharia in Robbins piece.

Neither is there a word about Sharia from the Carnegie Corporation. Carnegie funded Tulane University’s Laura Murphy as a Carnegie Corporation of New York Social Entrepreneurship Professor. And sent her straight to Mama Sarah’s door where, Murphy excitedly reported, she talked with Mama Sarah about their “mutual interest in kitchen gardens and using good nutrition and herbal medicine to treat infection — just one of the many challenges facing AIDS-affected families and children in the region.”

Whether Professor Murphy shares an interest in sending those “children in the region” off to learn about wife beating, stoning women and killing gays Carnegie does not report.

Nor is there a whisper of the Obama Sharia connection from the Catholic Relief Services. The CRS has an absolutely gushing report on Mama Sarah here. Among the superlatives (“Humanitarian”) comes the news that the CRS is “partnering” with Mama Sarah. Partnering in what? Apparently in a program to grow “cassava” ( a potato-like plant) funded by… the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Greenpeace, the far-left environmental group, was so wild about Granny Sarah that they sent a team to install solar panels on her roof. Posting an excited story headlined: “Yes We Can! Mama Obama Loves Solar Power!”

Last but not least in this circus is the U.S. government’s Centers for Disease Control. It is the CDC that provided the IRP journalists funded by Bill Gates with, in Robbins words, a “stereotypically American convoy of five bright white trucks” to whisk the IRP journalists to Mama Obama’s door.

Does anyone wonder why the Libyan furor has erupted? Does anyone wonder why, as reported here, former State Department security officer Eric Nordstrom said that trying and failing repeatedly to get security for the American Consulate in Benghazi had convinced him “the Taliban is on the inside of the building”? Meaning inside the U.S. State Department?

What is happening with the Mama Sarah Obama Children Foundation is a perfect example of what the Center for Security Policy means when it says that:

U.S. national security leaders, academia, the media and society as a whole have been rendered all but incapable of recognizing (Sharia) as part of the enemy jihad.

The rich irony?

The Democrats spent an entire convention talking about the GOP’s alleged “war on women” (which erupted because there was opposition to demands that the government pay for Sandra Fluke’s birth control) and advertising themselves as pro gay marriage.

Meanwhile the family of the President of the United States — the man Democrats re-nominated in such loving fashion with Sandra Fluke herself taking the podium — is using Barack Obama’s name to raise money to educate African kids in the ways of Sharia. To learn about why it is OK to beat wives, stone women to death, and kill human beings for being gay.

This is exactly the reason that 14-year old Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head by Taliban gunmen and is now, airlifted to Britain for surgery, fighting for her life. Why was Malala shot? That’s right. She was fighting sharia and all those “soldiers of Allah.” Malala was fighting exactly the people Mama Obama is using President Obama’s name to fund.

Where is Sandra Fluke? Or those Hollywood actresses appearing in Obama TV ads — actresses Scarlett Johansson, Kerry Washington, and Eva Longoria? Where are all those rich gay Obama contributors? Where is the mainstream media?

Not a peep. Not a peep.

The Taliban mentality is apparently inside more than just the State Department.

It’s inside the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation, the International Reporting Project and its advisers from mainstream media advisors like The New York Times, as well as the Catholic Relief Services, Greenpeace, and the U.S. taxpayer-funded Centers for Disease Control.

The bottom line?

If one really wants to know what killed Ambassador Stevens, two Navy SEALs and a State Department employee, it is thinking just like this.

Jeffrey Lord
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Jeffrey Lord, a contributing editor to The American Spectator, is a former aide to Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp. An author and former CNN commentator, he writes from Pennsylvania at jlpa1@aol.com. His new book, Swamp Wars: Donald Trump and The New American Populism vs. The Old Order, is now out from Bombardier Books.
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