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Joe and Barack in Delusional Conversation
Obama–Biden campaign video (screenshot)

On Thursday morning, the Biden campaign released a video of Joe Biden “in conversation” with Barack Obama. It makes for tedious viewing, as the two marinate in each other’s perceived wonderfulness, trading compliments and seconding each other’s empty musings.

The two scoff at Trump’s “inability” to “take responsibility.” We never took that tack, chortles Obama, who famously believed in “leading from behind.” He then unburdens himself of the profound insight that leaders must be “able to relate,” a quality, he says, that Biden has in abundance.

Economic growth never comes up, of course. All the talk is about increasing the size of the federal government.

The Democrats, you see, have a monopoly on empathy. They uniquely understand the struggles of the “vulnerable.” Not like that clod Trump. Never mind that they are the party of killing unborn children. Never mind that Biden is a cold opportunist who has sold his soul to Planned Parenthood.

Barack tells Joe that his faith in Joe’s abilities is due to his “heart,” perhaps implying that he has less confidence in Joe’s head. Barack praises Joe for his “basic decency,” as if a puppet for a party that favors killing the weakest people at the beginning of life and the end of life has a monopoly on “values.”

Though sitting a ludicrous distance from each other — to let us all know the acuteness of their Covid-sensitivities — Biden leans forward, as if sitting at the master’s feet. Barack tells his pupil that he trusts he will “reassemble,” a telling word, the “kind of” government that cares about people and unites them. In other words, Barack trusts Biden will reassemble his administration.

But since the video is intended to help Biden, Barack can’t just talk about himself. He lobs a few softball questions at Biden, including one about the economy. Delusionally, they pat each other on the back for the “recovery” they oversaw in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. What recovery? The economy floundered for eight years under them. Their “stimulus” bill stimulated nothing. Joe, whose Green New Deal will wipe out countless jobs and cripple the energy industry, prattles on about “union” wages and “infrastructure” while Obama sagely nods.

Economic growth never comes up, of course. All the talk is about increasing the size of the federal government. They don’t bother to explain why that nostrum didn’t work the first time. “I couldn’t be prouder of what we got done,” says Obama, though he allows that “Obamacare is a starter house” that Joe will “keep building out.” Naturally, they engage in blatant lying about the supposed indifference of Republicans to patients with preexisting conditions and so forth.

Then they discuss “race,” with Barack taking the lead in pandering to the mob. He blithely says that cops are “often times” racist, without bothering to cite any data to back that up. He then says that job applicants are more likely to get their calls returned if they are named “John” rather than “Jamal.” He says this at a time when corporations are giving hundreds of millions of dollars to Black Lives Matter.

The two don’t explain why racial troubles got worse, not better, under their administration. Barack just says, “Our response was not to ignore these problems.” There is a lot of jargony blather about “listening and learning” and “harnessing” the energy and idealism of the “next generation.” Not a word about the looting and mayhem that these supposed moral giants are committing day after day. They are committed to equality to an astonishing degree, gushes Obama. Right. They are committed to anarchy and racial vengeance.

Biden’s idea of racial healing is throwing around charges of racism wildly. He once said that Republicans will put blacks “back in chains.” More recently, he declared Trump the “first racist” to win the presidency. (Hasn’t the mob said most American presidents have been racist?) In this conversation, he says that Trump “deliberately divides people” — this from a pol whose practice of toxic identity politics is habitual.

The Obama–Biden administration was constantly dividing people, casting most Americans as deplorables clinging to their “God” and “guns.” The conversation between Biden and Obama is supposed to reassure Americans that a Biden administration would return America to calm and “normalcy.” It serves instead to remind people of the chaos and turmoil of the Obama years — ones Biden intends to bring back and make even worse.

George Neumayr
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George Neumayr, a senior editor at The American Spectator, is author most recently of The Biden Deception: Moderate, Opportunist, or the Democrats' Crypto-Socialist?
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