Now’s the Time — Fire Mueller 
Larry Thornberry

If the Donald ever had any inclination to fire Robert Mueller, now is the time. The totally unnecessary and Gestapo-like raid on Trump’s private attorney’s office has put Mueller on a tee. This kind of stuff happens all too often in banana republics. But we can’t stand by and allow it to happen in America. If most Americans can’t see why we can’t allow it, then we need to get that stuff about “land of the free and home of the brave” out of the anthem.

Donald Trump is not known for finding the exact word for describing things. But Trump styled this outrage as “disgraceful.” Exactly so. And it’s an affront to American law and American values, at least what were American values not so long ago, and which we can pray still have some force.

It has been clear for some time to anyone other than Democrat partisans, that Mueller never had any intention of confining his investigation to the question of possible collusion by the Trump campaign, the matter he was essentially appointed to plumb. It’s almost certain those who appointed him knew he wouldn’t stay in his appointed lane. Special counsels never do. The clear purpose now (and probably from the beginning) of Mueller and his merry band is to find something, anything, with which to destroy a legitimately elected president.

Now Trump can say, with some hope that large numbers of attentive Americanos will agree with him, that, “There wasn’t any Russian collusion, which is what this counsel was supposed to be in business to investigate. Now Robert Mueller is just fishing around for something to destroy my presidency. There are important things America has to deal with. So I’m putting an end to this distracting b—s— so we can get on to the important matters facing the country. I’m firing Robert Mueller.”

The fertilizer storm to follow Mueller’s firing would be like nothing we’ve seen before. But Trump can either fire Mueller or wait to be pecked to death by Democratic ducks.

Larry Thornberry
Larry Thornberry
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Larry Thornberry is a writer in Tampa.
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