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No Schlepping With Shep

Jon Scott, Shepard Smith, along with a constant stream of neocons and never-Trumpers who appear on the Bush “compassionate conservative” war era Special Report with Bret Baier: What do you think would happen, if, one day, Hannity, Tucker, or Neil were gone? Because I know what would happen if you guys were gone. Think college sports minus men’s athletics. If you are the slightest bit curious as to the results, just ask Megyn.

Fox News; you are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from what began as an annoyance, has since turned into anger, and is now followed by muting, or being close to just switching channels. How many Republicans mute Shep, and how many Liberals tune in for him? Here’s a simple business question; if Alabama were to play Appalachian State, do you think Sooner fans wouldn’t watch, because they know the eventuality? Fox News, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: we never cared whether you were fair and balanced. To Republicans, anything other than mainstream media would be a step up on the “fair and balanced.” You don’t go to an AA meeting to learn how to drink, and we don’t go to Fox News to hear the President being called a liar, or to be convinced of the merits of “nation building.”

You, unequivocally, have some of the most talented people working at your network. From hosts like Greg Gutfeld, the Buckley of this generation, and the rest of The Five crew, minus the insufferable one, to the women of Outnumbered. Do you want to be Jerry Bruckheimer or Merchant Ivory? You definitely can’t be both. This doesn’t mean Republicans, or Trumpicans, or whatever the label, don’t want the news or discourse. What they don’t want is scorn, or down right hatred and mocking.

If we valued the Weekly Standard, or National Review, Jeb would be president, and Bill Kristol wouldn’t be a footnote. Do you know why these guys like Hayes and Goldberg keep preaching the gospel of neocon policies and Trump hatred? I’ll give you a hint. It’s not because they believe it, it’s because without it, they would be fully muted, having to pay for infomercial time, in Timbuktu. Sorry, Timbuktu, I know you don’t want to hear them either.

There is nothing wrong with being a homer, and I am an unapologetic one. I like listening to John Sterling scream “The Yankees win, the Yankees win,” and I love watching Tucker annihilate his liberal guests, and Hannity being Hannity. What I don’t love, and yes I will speak for most of your audience who has the control in their hand, is the ever “kvetching” Shepard Smith. If it sounds like I’m “kvetching,” I am, but I won’t apologize. I learned that from the President. Republicans don’t have to apologize anymore. I just wish the House would follow soon, since many of them might also be “kvetching” in the very near future.

There is a place for Shepard Smith, and the Jon Scotts, and the never-Trumpers; it’s called every other “news network.” Oh, and stop being so damn sexist, and promote Dagen McDowell, and Trish Regan, already. Look at the talent Neil Cavuto has assembled at the farm system, known as Fox Business, and just make him the president of the whole darn network. And, bring back O’Reilly. He’s forgiven, for whatever you “never told us.” You report, while we, remote in hand, “anxiously” wait for you to decide.

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