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No More Kvetching

It’s time; it’s time for President Trump to invite all GOP members of the House and Senate onto Air Force One, destination unification. Since the President is a huge fan of the movie Air Force One, he will be sitting in the escape pod, and either he lands solo, or all land unified. This infighting, back stabbing, and outright frontal assault must end; you yahoos are destroying the party.

Throughout the campaign we heard the constant theme that words matter, but apparently, to many folks — that includes you, Senator McCain — only other people’s words matter. That you have the audacity to remotely suggest that Rex Tillerson was, in any way, a cause of the chemical gassing is akin to blaming a woman for getting raped because of the clothing she was wearing or the neighborhood she was in. It also goes to show why you lost the nomination to, of all people, George Bush. Seriously, senator, you lost to George. God that must make you lose sleep at night.

This doesn’t just go for the House and Senate. This goes for all members of the Republican/conservative/alt base. Exactly what promise has the President not tried to keep, if not actually kept? What more could you have hoped for in his first 100 days? If you voted for the President for jobs, look at the jobs report. If you voted for the President with the Supreme Court riding in the balance, your marker has been payed. If you voted to drain the swamp, do you really think that in 80 some odd days you can clean a massive oil spill? It’s reality check time. What the hell does anyone, who voted for the President, have anything to complain about?

There is much chatter in the “alt” community how the President let them down with his air strike in Syria. So when you were all cheering for the Mad Dog, if the strike upset you, what exactly had you been cheering for? He’s known as a mad dog, not a lap dog. You wanted change, and you actually have a President who listens to the Generals, and not the swamp. Think about the alternative to the air strike, listen to the likes of John McCain, who suffers from a rare form of Tourette’s and instead of cursing constantly screams war.

The right was scared he wasn’t a conservative, and the alt wanted America First. Give me one reason either of you is unhappy at this moment. So he took out an air force base, exactly how is this not putting America first? Putting America first means protecting America and our interests first. And sorry to disappoint many of you but the Middle East is an interest of ours. Grow up; an air strike does not constitute intervention. Would you choose to have Congress and the Senate declare war, or to have a president send a message. You voted for him on his messaging, now quit the whining, and, if it helps ease your mind, think of it as a tomahawk tweet.

The media and left are trying to isolate and destroy. Their sole goal isn’t only to destroy the President, it is to destroy his supporters. Stop letting them achieve their goals. There will be more tomahawks, there will be more trade, the President never said there wouldn’t be, what he promised was that they would be in our favor. It’s called leverage. Reagan used it in on Gaddafi, and Trump used it on Assad. Stop complaining. You are starting to sound like the left.

Or just think of the alternative and what could have been. You’d have a liberal judge in the Supreme Court, and a second one appointed very soon. Instead of tomahawks we’d be sending troops. Hundreds of thousands more refugees being granted refuge, taxes raised, guns confiscated, abortion celebrated, and your First Amendment destroyed, and that voice. The plane will run out of gas soon enough and the pod deployed, or, we can fly unified and land together, and arrive safely.

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