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Murderous Iranian Thinking

For those of you who still don’t believe that Israel’s isolation by the Obama administration substantially increases the chance of war, or that Iran would risk nuclear retaliation by Israel for the chance to eliminate “the Zionist entity,” one need look no further than the conservative Iranian web site, where an author makes the case for attacking Israel:

In the name of Allah
Iran must attack Israel by ۲۰۱۴

The necessity of Israel annihilation in Imam Khomeini’s view
“Today, the first Qibla of the Muslims has been occupied by Israel, a cancerous tumor for the Middle East. Today, Israel is causing division using all evil means. Every Muslim is obliged to equip themselves against Israel . For about ۲۰ years, I have been warning about the danger of international Zionist, and right now its danger for all the liberation revolutions in the world and the recent Islamic revolution of Iran is not less than the past .I have already warned that the Israeli usurping government, with the aims which it is seeking for, is a great danger for Islam and all Muslim nations, and it is likely that if Muslims leave Israel alone, the opportunity could be lost and it may not be possible to stop them; and since the potential danger is facing the foundations of Islam, it is necessary for the Islamic governments in particular and other Muslims in general to remove this corrupting material by any means . All our troubles are due to Israel! And Israel results from America too.

Some points regarding the upcoming approach

Point ۱: This article discusses tow THE JURISPRUDENTIAL JUSTIFICATIONS OF NECESSITY OF AN IRANIAN MILITARY ATTACK ON ISRAEL, and the necessity of attacking Israel and its military aspects
Point ۲: In this approach, only the first step of the first curtain for Iran military invasion to Israel will be discussed and the complete explanation of ۲ curtains and ۸ steps will be published in the proper time
Point ۳: This approach is just the personal opinion of the author and there is no guarantee whether the government of Islamic republic of Iran will accept and apply it or not

If you’re only going to read one more thing today, I encourage you to read the complete article from, “captured” on Feb 7, 2012, and which contains not only radical Iranian and Muslim reasoning to attack Israel, but also strategic descriptions of population centers, key infrastructure, and military issues, click here. The link to the original page is here. If this doesn’t convince you of the error of Barack Obama’s view that a diplomatic solution is possible, much less likely, then you’re probably more interested in defending Obama than anything else.

One might argue that the mullahs are using aggressive rhetoric to improve their negotiating position at some future multilateral forum. But as a Jew I’ve long realized that when people say they want to kill not just you, but everyone like you, the prudent course of action is to believe them. There is not a shred of evidence to suggest that the Iranian regime’s intent is not precisely in line with the chilling article on a conservative Iranian web site. Unfortunately, our president has neither the wisdom nor the courage to do anything but talk, in a continuation of his feckless “apologize for America” approach to foreign policy.

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