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Mr. Trump: It’s Time to Go on Offense

Mr. President:

I am writing you because I am worried about the survival of your agenda. You don’t know me from Adam, but I am part of the movement that elected you. I’ve spent 40 years in politics, heading up national grassroots groups, hosting a radio show, writing for a number of conservative publications and even serving in the California State Assembly. I know grass roots leaders and activists all over the country and I believe the vast majority of conservatives are thrilled with your agenda.

Most of us had long ago abandoned the idea that it was a swell idea to turn over our trade policy to international bodies that hate America. We saw factories close all over the Midwest as a result of policies that favored other countries and we were appalled when Obama declared war on coal, oil, mining, fishing, agriculture, timber, and other occupations the left’s considers “evil.” We watched as the principles of sovereignty and citizenship were undermined by open border policies and programs that empowered illegal aliens. We witnessed the massive growth of the welfare state and the entitlement mentality that accompanies it. We were all mortified when the debt approached $20 trillion and when Obama used the power of the Federal government to harass citizens and illegally monitor us while the media remained silent. Orwell’s prophetic book, 1984, was coming to pass.

Even after 9/11, we watched as radical Islamists crept into government positions and policies were adopted by our intelligence agencies which crippled our ability to prevent terrorist attacks. And we watched in horror as our military was turned into a bastion of political correctness, with the high command lying about the ability of women to fight in combat, scarce funds used for sex change operations instead of body armor, and insane rules of engagement forced upon our warriors, costing many of them their lives. To be honest, many of us had written off the prospect of returning the USA to the constitutional Republic our founder fathers had bequeathed to us.

Your election gave us hope. You ran on a campaign emphasizing economic nationalism and an American first mentality which created a movement that continues to grow and solidify. So far, you’ve accomplished quite a bit with little support from Capitol Hill.

However, the departure of a number of conservatives over the past few months is worrisome as the dominance of establishment Republicans has become more obvious. Yes, I know, you have continued to insist in various speeches that the wall will be built, trade treaties will be re-negotiated, and so forth, but the federal government is a massive, sprawling entity and if your government is not led by people who share your agenda, your enemies will eventually get their way.

Already, we have witnessed the influence of the moderates around you when seven conservatives were purged from your National Security Council; when you indicated you would grant amnesty to 800,000 illegal aliens — thereby taking jobs our citizens desperately need — and when you supported Luther Strange, the Senate candidate in Alabama who spend 23 years as a lobbyist and was a charter member of the swamp. Needless to say, your base was not thrilled with such decisions.

Indeed, the movement which elected you is willing to separate themselves from you if need be. The victory of Judge Roy Moore over Strange was only the first step. But it’s much bigger than that. Your base believes America is at a crossroads in many different ways and that if you’re not willing to acknowledge this, they will take matters into their own hands. Economically, we have been on the path to socialism for many years with the size and scope of federal governmental power continuing to grow. What you choose to do or not do in the next few years will likely determine whether America will return to its historic roots as a constitutional Republic with limited powers or follow the route of Europe and become an open-borders, socialist welfare state with a permanent stagnant economy. The choice is stark but your supporters want you to lead this movement and stick to the principles you campaigned on.

Our fear, however, is that your agenda will be sabotaged due to the prevalence of liberals within your administration, some who are hold-overs and some who are your appointees. To be blunt, your base does not think you are aggressive enough in dealing with these saboteurs. However, there are a few simple but powerful actions you can undertake right now that would put your enemies on defense and reestablish yourself as the leader of this new movement to restore American greatness.

First, order your agencies to comply with Congressional requests and Freedom of Information Act requests by government watchdog groups such as Judicial Watch. These requests are for documents that expose Obama-era corruption but your bureaucrats and even agency appointees are fighting these requests, thereby protecting the corrupt swamp sworn to destroy you. Indeed, JW president Tom Fitton stated that “the Trump Justice Department and other agencies are as dug in as any good Obama apparatchik in denying the release of those records.” To give you just a few examples:

  • Your State Department fought and continues to fight the release of records dealing with how Clinton and her aides covered up the Benghazi disaster which cost four Americans their lives.
  • Your Justice Department is fighting the release of records showing how former FBI director James Comey wrote memos about his discussions with you for the specific purpose of releasing them to the media, using an intermediary. This is a felony.
  • Your FBI, State Department and Department of Justice are fighting the release of records that shed light on how Hillary Clinton committed multiple felonies regarding the destruction of her emails. One attorney working on this commented that “It looks like the Obama Administration is still running the FBI.”
  • Your Department of Justice is fighting former CBS journalist Sharyl Attkisson’s effort to obtain documents exposing how Obama’s DOJ illegally tapped her computer.
  • Your Department of Defense is fighting FOIA requests for records that will show how Obama’s Army Corps of Engineers illegally worked with environmental groups to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.
  • Your EPA is fighting FOIA requests that show that during the Obama regime, they created a false narrative about how Cap and Trade legislation would save lives in order to help Obama pass this legislation.
  • Your IRS is fighting FOIA requests for documents that expose how the IRS illegally monitored and harassed hundreds of Tea Party groups in order to ensure the reelection of Obama. This is one of the most egregious acts of government interference in history yet you even kept IRS commissioner John Koskinen in power, an Obama holdover who refused to fully cooperate with congressional investigations of this incredible abuse of governmental power.
  • Your FBI and Justice Department have repeatedly refused to cooperate with Senate and congressional investigations on a whole range of Deep State crimes, ranging from Comey running a fake investigation of Hillary’s email scandal (he cleared her long before the FBI finished their investigation) to the FBI’s relationship with the shady British spy Christopher Steele. Steele, as you may recall, produced the phony “dossier” on you, based on disinformation given to him by Russian sources. This means, ironically, the only real collusion that occurred during the 2016 campaign was likely between the Democrats and Russia. Strangely, your FBI and DOJ are protecting the people involved in this scandal, even though neither agency is investigating it!

Indeed, conservative Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who retired from Congress a few weeks ago, is deeply perturbed by this pattern. As the outgoing chairman of the House Oversight Committee tasked with investigating a number of the Obama era scandals, he would know: “the reality is, sadly, I don’t see much difference between the Trump administration the Obama administration.” It is a sad commentary on your administration Mr. Trump, that this committee has been unable to obtain documents that would expose the Democrats’ criminal behavior in the private email scandal, the Fast and Furious gun running scandal, and the effort by the IRS to suppress conservative voter education groups.

Chaffetz adds, “In many ways, it’s almost worse because we’re getting nothing, and that’s terribly frustrating and, with all due respect, the attorney general has not changed at all. I find him [Sessions] to be worse than what I saw with Loretta Lynch in terms of releasing documents… that’s not what I expected…. We tried to issue subpoenas. We tried to hold people in contempt and the Obama administration said ‘no,’ and the Trump administration came in and did zero… Nothing. Nothing changed.” Wow.

Mr. President, I have to assume you probably are not even aware of this, but you need to put an end to this. The Freedom of Information Act was created precisely to expose corruption within the swamp. It is your ally. Your agencies are claiming bogus national security concerns for hiding and holding back documents which should have been turned over months ago. Due to the non-compliance of your agencies, there’s been a media blackout concerning Democrat scandals. Based on your tweets, I know you are frustrated with how the Democrats seemed to have gotten away with all their scandals, but they have been able to do so because your agencies have not cooperated with congressional investigators.

You have an incredible opportunity to educate Americans about how the Democrats illegally used the government to harass people, cover up felonies and even attempt to alter the course of the presidential campaign. Instead of spending much of your time responding to phony scandals, you could refocus the media on covering investigations that involve real Democrat scandals by simply ordering your agencies to release these documents, comply with the FOIA and cooperate with the congressional oversight committees. If they don’t, then people need to be fired. You simply cannot tolerate this any longer. It’s time to put your enemies on the defensive.

Secondly, you need to have a heart-to-heart conversation with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. No, not a tweet, but a private meeting between yourself and your legal team and the AG and his legal team. The purpose, of course, would be to discuss the half-dozen or so Democrat scandals involving federal crimes which, to date, his office has not investigated. Mr. Sessions is a conservative and seems to be dedicated to your agenda, but you need to light a fire under him. The word on the street is that his legal team is overly cautious and does not want him to pursue Obama-era corruption; if that’s the case, then you need to urge Sessions to replace them. As you know, your AG has already weakened his influence by recusing himself by the Russian collusion investigation, thereby allowing a career FBI official to appoint Robert Mueller, a swamp denizen who has clearly gone overboard searching for alleged wrongdoing unrelated to Russian collusion.

However, while you can’t do much about Mueller at this point, there is nothing improper about making a case to Sessions to be more aggressive and urging him, if necessary, to bring aboard some crack attorneys who know how to investigate and prosecute the myriad crimes committed by the Obama/Hillary gang. After all, the AG is part of the Executive Branch which you are the head of. Americans have come to believe that we have a two-tiered system of justice in America; one for the elites and one for the rest of us. Prove them wrong. Here are just a few of the scandals your DOJ should be investigating, but to my knowledge, is not:

  • The IRS Scandal. Sessions announced that his office would not charge IRS official Lois Lerner and would not reopen the investigation into the IRS, even though there are still incriminating documents being released as a result of a lawsuit by True the Vote and 38 other groups that were illegally harassed. Indeed, there are plenty of indications of felonious activity and even evidence that suggest the scandal goes all the way to the White House. After all, no one really believes a mid-level IRS official would orchestrate the biggest political abuse of the IRS in recent history without orders from up high. The Obama DOJ conducted a phony investigation of the IRS but why is your DOJ following their lead? Indeed, Session’s DOJ attorneys even fought FOIA requests for documents related to this scandal. Your team needs to turn this around. There is no good reason why Sessions cannot pursue this case, especially since many incriminating documents are still scheduled to be released.
  • The Hillary Email Scandal. In the wake of revelations that then FBI Director James Comey wrote his statement exonerating Hillary before his agents had completed their investigation, Sessions should have announced a new investigation the next day. As even Comey admitted in his infamous press conference, Hillary committed numerous crimes but he claimed such violations were not her intent. But intent was not part of the statutes she violated. Hillary jeopardized national security by transmitting classified information on a private server and that’s a felony, even if it’s unintentional. Moreover, her efforts to hinder this investigation by deleting her emails and destroying her mobile devices clearly shows she had intent, so, essentially, Comey’s exoneration of Hillary was bogus to begin with, a situation begging for the AG’s intervention.
  • Wiretapping/Unmasking Trump Aides. As a result of CNN now reporting what Fox News and others reported about six months ago, it’s clear that your campaign aides were wiretapped, and perhaps yourself as well. Some of Obama’s most political aides were involved, such as National Security Advisor Susan Rice and United Nations Ambassador Samantha Powers. The idea that Powers was able to unmask hundreds of people when her job has nothing to with intelligence collection, is disturbing. It is becoming quite apparent that “national security” was used as an excuse to persuade the FISA court to authorize wiretaps right up until the election. This scandal could make Nixon look like a Boy Scout and Sessions should have initiated an investigation of this months ago. Such an investigation could also be expanded to include the illegal wiretapping of journalists such as Sharyl Attkisson, who recently announced that she is able to prove that Obama did indeed tap her computer. To ignore this case would be like the Democrat leaders deciding not to pursue the Watergate scandal after 1972.
  • The Clinton Foundation. Comey hinted he was investigating the Clintons’ notorious Pay to Play foundation months ago, but it’s unlikely that ever happened as no one has heard a peep about it. It is simply outrageous that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made numerous decisions that benefited specific countries around the same time period that entities controlled by these nations donated to her foundation. This occurred at least a dozen times so the idea that these transactions were all coincidental doesn’t pass the smell test. The most controversial “deal” involved a Canadian company called Uranium One which controlled 20% of our uranium supply. The company was sold to Rosatom, the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation, but around the same time Uranium One’s major shareholders contributed over $140 million to the Clinton Foundation. While other Obama officials signed off on this deal in addition to her, Hillary appeared to be the driving force behind it. Uranium is needed to make nuclear weapons and as such some of it will probably end up in the possession of Iran or other enemies of the USA — if it hasn’t already. We executed the Rosenbergs in 1953 for slipping research on nuclear weapons to the Russians but today your DOJ won’t even open up an investigation?
  • The Hacking of the DNC. It is simply amazing that the entire narrative about Russian collusion is based on an alleged hack of a DNC server by Russia, resulting in embarrassing emails being published by WikiLeaks. But, as reported by Nation, an analysis of the ‘‘hack” by cyber security experts reveal that it could not have been a hack and was likely a leak by a disgruntled DNC staffer. The key to the story would be an analysis of the server in question but the DNC refused to turn it over to FBI investigators. Amazingly, FBI Director Comey had the power to confiscate the DNC server but never did. Since the media and the Democrats insist that Russian interference with the 2016 election is the crime of the century, then Sessions should have announced an investigation into this and promptly confiscated the DNC server. Yes, he did recuse himself from any investigation involving Russian collusion, but that did not prevent him from ordering subordinates to open up an investigation.
  • The Steele/Russian Dossier. Perhaps the most important investigation your DOJ could have undertaken involves what appears to be real collusion with the Russians. Indeed, Clinton’s campaign hired a Democrat opposition research firm called Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on you, and in turn they hired a former British Intelligence agent named Christopher Steele to compile a sensational “dossier” on you. It turns out, however, that all of Steele’s sources were Russians whom he never even spoke with. The dossier was widely discredited by the intelligence community with many suggesting the information in question was disinformation fed to Steele by Russian intelligence. Ironically, despite all the talk about collusion between your campaign and the Russians, the reality is that it appears that the Clinton’s campaign were colluding with them. Even Congress is investigating this. Again, Sessions’ recusal from investigating anything related to the Russian collusion does not prevent his DOJ from conducting an investigation. But as far as I know, it hasn’t done so.

And there are other issues as well such as the Benghazi disaster and the Fast and Furious scandal, but the failure of your administration to investigate government corruption sends a signal to the people that a double standard exists when it comes to justice. Moreover, the failure to hold these swamp creatures accountable will only encourage more of this activity in the future.

Sessions did finally announce he is investigating something, but the target is universities who suppress freedom of speech. Really? I hate to say this, but such an investigation would likely go nowhere and in terms of importance, it pales next to exposing the criminal behavior of those who are trying to destroy you and your agenda.

To recap, if you were to order your agencies to cooperate with congressional investigations and to respond to FOIA requests legally submitted by private groups seeking to expose corruption and you are able to persuade your Attorney General to open up investigations into Democrat corruption, that will change the dynamic. You will be on offense and your enemies will be on defense. Moreover, the media will simply be unable to ignore the multiple investigations exposing Democrat corruption that will likely yield stories on a weekly basis. Failure to do these two important things will ensure that many voters will never know the degree to which the Democratic Party has engaged in illegal activity to keep and maintain power. Only you can change this.

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