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More Proof the “Investigation” of the IRS is a Sham

Imagine this scenario.

A woman is walking down the street, when a man rips her purse from her shoulder and disappears into a crowd. She screams for help, and a nearby police officer catches him a few blocks away in a park, out of breath, with the purse’s contents on the ground. 

“Hand it over!” the cop yells.

As the man slides the money from the purse into his own pocket, he says, “I actually borrowed this purse with permission from a woman earlier today.”

“You mean the woman who was crying out, “Stop! He stole something from me!”

“That may have been the same woman,” he admits slowly. 

“You’re going to jail.”

“Wait! I’ve been stealing from other people for years, and they didn’t make a big stink about it. That lady is to blame. Didn’t she seem…a little suspicious to you?”

“The only thing suspicious is that she was screaming,” one officer says.

“Yes, but before that…” he suggests. “I think she seemed a little ‘off,’ if you know what I mean. Did you see her patriotic sweater, with the American flag on the front? Please. Why let people like her just waste money on whatever it is they enjoy spending money on, when I can do a much better job?”

“Still,” the officer says. “It’s illegal.”

“Okay, you’re right — I’ve participating in ‘illegal activity,’” he says. “But I’m sorry. Honestly, I thought she was giving it to me.”

How do you think the cops would handle such a situation?

Most people would assume that the police would handcuff the guy, return the purse, and let the courts decide his punishment. But what if the officer sat down beside the thief and said, “You’re right. I don’t see any evidence of criminal wrongdoing here.”

… Without even talking to the lady with the stolen purse?

That’s exactly what happened last week, but on a much larger—and culturally threatening—scale. The Wall Street Journal reported that the FBI did not expect to file any criminal charges in connection with the IRS’s multi-year targeting of conservative, tea party, and pro-Israel groups for improper, heightened scrutiny…even though the IRS admitted to the wrongdoing.

Let me be completely clear. The FBI decided this without talking to the actual victims of the IRS scandal. 

I almost hate to call them “victims.” They’re really just patriotic Americans who were going about their law-abiding business when the IRS began harassing them with paperwork and threats.

The FBI didn’t contact any of Citizens for Self-Governance’s clients in our class action lawsuit against the IRS. (In fact, as far as I can tell, none of the plaintiffs in any of the IRS lawsuits by other organizations were contacted.) In other words, the FBI concluded their findings in a criminal investigation without even interviewing the victims. It’s astonishing and wrong, and we can’t let the government get away with it.

Collectively, Americans of all political stripes should stand together and yell, “Stop! They’ve taken something from us!”

After all, letting the IRS take our money is a small matter compared to letting them steal our freedom.

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