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Mobile Mob Attacker Out on Bond

This is turning absurdist. Six full days after the mob beating in Mobile involving 20 people or so (with two reports now calling it as many as 40), with ALL those involved supposedly living on the same street, Mobile police still have arrested only one man and said they doubt they will ever arrest more than three others. But it gets worse: The man arrested is already out on bond, despite a lengthy criminal record.

Meanwhile, police are now casting doubt on the story of the man’s family, claiming they have changed their story, even though nothing they are saying is really a change from what they have told others for days.

See here.

I live in Mobile. I don’t want to believe what I am about to say. But I am now suspecting that officials in Mobile are trying to sweep this all under the rug in order to avoid more national attention of an unwanted sort. At first I thought it was innocent wishful thinking on their part in denying that this was a bigger incident than it was; now, unless I see otherwise, I am suspecting something more obstinately, willfully blind.

We should not sit back and let a man be beaten by 20 people, or beaten by several while a dozen or more incited them to continue the beating, and accept some bogus contention that only three or four deserve arrests and that this was all just nothing to worry much about because it was the continuation of an ongoing personal dispute (with no racial connotations, supposedly, although in the end that is only slightly material).

What the police report comports not at all with my own, fairly brief personal on-scene investigation, nor with more extensive on-scene investigations by several other mainstream news organizations.

This smells like a bit of a cover-up.

It is a cover-up that would never occur if the race of the people involved were reversed. 

We must all be dedicated to color-blind justice, and a color-blind society. This is anything but.

I don’t care what the races are that are involved. I don’t care if the skin color is magenta with chartreuse freckles. I want justice. I want accuracy. I want truth. 

This is NOT racial rabble-rousing. This is an insistence that the truth come out and put in full context: The context is something in between a “revenge for Trayvon” thing and a mere, totally non-racial personal dispute. I truly believe that the overwhelming majority of American blacks and whites are not racist. But I also believe the media applies horrendous double-standards that excuse some racism while seeing other racism where it doesn’t exist.

Without the full story, all sides will believe the worst, and nobody will learn anything.

I am not interested in seeing some wort of bogus “hate crimes” prosecution. I just want prosecutions, period. And not just three or four, much less the pitiful single arrest that we’ve seen so far. Worse, for the man arrested to already be out on bond is absurd, considering that he has such a long rap sheet. Usually, if somebody has been sentenced to long terms, but had part of those terms suspended, the suspensions carry with them a probationary period as well. it defies belief to think that none of the several suspended sentences carries a probation through which the older charges are reinstated upn further arrest, or at least with some stipulation that bond be higher, or impossible, to get if the subsequent arrest is for a serious violent crime.

This just smells to high heaven.

There is no excuse for us to be sitting here today with not a single person in jail, six days after a mob beating. Meanwhile, the Mobile police darn well ought to be patrolling Delmar Drive, and providing protection for all its residents, black and white alike.

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