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Mike Ditka for Veep!
Mike Ditka (YouTube screenshot)

Can Donald Trump win reelection? The question should be, can he not win reelection? By October, the No. 1 issue will be security. The president need only say, Do you really think my opponent can stop the revolutionary riots when he can scarcely put a coherent paragraph together?

No disrespect for the aged, folks, he will continue, but do you think a man who lost his marbles can protect yours? Let’s get real. And to show I mean it, I am announcing in advance that Vice President Mike Pence, a good, loyal, and Christian man to whom we are all grateful, will be moving over to Secretary of State after my second Inauguration, replaced in the vice presidency by my designated running mate, Chicago’s own Mike Ditka.

He sees the nihilistic, totalitarian purpose of the radical wave, and he sees how successfully it has intimidated what used to be called the establishment. 

Anticipating a Republican campaign focused on law and order, Basement Man will by then have announced he wants Val Demings on his ticket. And, for sure, this is the best choice he can make. Rep. Demings is a great woman. She is the former police chief of Orlando and has represented the surrounding district since 2017.

She does her job. She partook of the mad partisanship of the past four years, but she never instigated or led it. In normal times she would be a normal Democrat and an able servant of the people she represents. The Trump-deranged factions, by contrast, have been freeloading on the American people, totally neglecting their duties in order to spend all their time trying to overturn the democratically elected government; in normal times this would be called an attempted coup.

Senator Vice President Biden would be wise, therefore, to choose Rep. Demings. As president, which she would soon be under the 25th Amendment, her basic good sense would be under pressure from the large chunk of the Democratic Party that has been cowed by the commies, but at least she would not be on their side.

This presents a more difficult challenge than a ticket with a radical on it, who can be shown to have supported all the excesses of the past years. The conservative side therefore must be outspokenly and even aggressively conservative, noting that even a centrist like Demings will be shackled by the hard Left.

Mr. Pence is true conservative, but too nice. He will be much better at State (Mr. Pompeo can move to National Security Adviser), advocating against Chinese slave labor and religious persecution and making bold initiatives to rally what used to be called the Third World to the Free World: Africa, non-Chicom Asia, and even Europe, are, unbeknownst to most Americans who understandably have other issues on their minds, desperate for a revival of American global leadership under the new diplomatic, commercial, and military security rules that the administration, despite constant obstruction from the deranged factions, has initiated. Pence is the man to lead to a true new world order, built on the foundations of the post-1945 system, which did its job and must now be adapted to the world of freedom and prosperity it made possible.

So that leaves a major job opening, with two lines in its description: help Donald Trump win reelection, and then enforce the won’t-back-down theme of the second term. We are not backing down from defending the flag, the country, the Constitution, and the American Way of Life.

Which defines Mike Ditka. One of the all time immortals of football, Mr. Ditka, who like the prez is also a businessman, almost ran for the Senate against Barack Obama. He would not be a figurehead to liven up a ticket. He has serious political views and a keen sense of the country he loves.

He is entirely in favor of dissent, protest, contrary views, and it is precisely for this reason that he opposes kneeling and all that it stands (forgive the reverse pun) for. He sees the nihilistic, totalitarian purpose of the radical wave, and he sees how successfully it has intimidated what used to be called the establishment, with leaders across the board — industry, finance, sports, culture, education — caving in, unable to defend themselves against a movement that aims to eradicate them.

Mike Ditka was a star tight end, in college and the pros. That is exactly the right position for a man who, as Larry Thornberry observes, “is pre-Miranda in his approach.” To football, obviously, but to life in general as well, including, if it comes to that, anarchy and subversion. “During his coaching years,” Mr. Thornberry says, “his idea of counseling a player was to bang his head on a locker. What a team he and the Donald would make. Two pit bulls.”

To stick to football aphorisms, this is the time to say winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.

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