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Midterm Elections: The Red Whirlpool Still Swirls With Uncertainty
Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker on Oct. 3 (Fox News/YouTube)


That is what President Joe Biden promised to do differently after last week’s disappointing, frustrating, and confounding midterm elections.

“I’m not going to change anything in any fundamental way,” Biden reiterated in the post-vote news conference on Wednesday.

So, buckle up for even more runaway spending, That ’70s Inflation Rate, “border” breaches, product shortages, burgeoning crime, babbling incompetence, mounting racial tension, teenage “girls” with penises, drag queens in grammar schools, “domestic terrorist” labels for concerned parents, and the many splendored things that constitute the Biden era.


These are a few of my least favorite things about the baffling results of the Nov. 8 vote.

Everyone expected a red tsunami or, at least, a red wave. Instead, to the surprise of the Left, middle, and Right, voters unleashed a red whirlpool. It continues to spin off the Pacific coast, unsure of what direction to take. After four days, it finally decided that Democrats would keep the Senate, though, with the Georgia runoff up in the air, even that picture is muddled.

The red whirlpool continues to spin off the Pacific coast, unsure of what direction to take.

As of this writing, nearly a week since polls closed, the red whirlpool cannot decide if Republicans will control the House — as was universally anticipated — or if Democrats will pull a donkey from a hat (honestly or otherwise) and actually wind up keeping the House — an outcome not even the most venomously partisan Democrat forecast.

Nevada’s governorship was decided Saturday, with Republican Joe Lombardo’s victory over incumbent Democrat Steve Sisolak. Yet, somehow Republican Adam Laxalt lost to low-profile Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, after leading the tally for days. Go figure.

Next door, Arizona’s governorship seems to have fallen into the hands of nearly invisible Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, never mind her massive conflict of interest in being both the Grand Canyon State’s chief elections officer and a candidate for its highest office. That said, 7,000 votes from Pima County JUST popped up, as I type these words. So, who knows what will happen — one week after polls closed in the United States of Angola?

Rather than a clear portrait — like Thomas Gainsborough’s The Blue Boy or Jan van Eyck’s Man in a Red Turban — last Tuesday’s election yielded a series of seemingly unconnected, often self-contradictory splashes of muted colors amounting to nothing in particular, akin to Jackson Pollock’s Autumn Rhythm. One enthusiast’s description of that 1950 painting perfectly captures the 2022 midterm vote: “There’s no central point of focus.”

Here are a few such dribbles.

The experts know nothing

The pundits blew it.

Political commentors of all persuasions expected Republicans to secure the Senate, at least barely. And the House would be comfortably in GOP hands.


Las Vegas bookies blew it.

On election eve, Polymarket calculated 65 percent odds that the GOP would win the Senate. PredictIt bet 69 percent on a Republican Senate.


If Meyer Lansky were alive, peace be unto him, these boys would be hearing the words, “Let’s go for a ride.”

Political legends blew it.

“I’ve never been as wrong as I was this year,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) confessed last week. “It makes me challenge every model I’m aware of, and realize that I have to really stop and spend a good bit of time thinking and trying to put it all together.”

Deroy Murdock blew it.

Based on my reading of public opinion, the GOP’s momentum, and the issues then in debate, I foresaw at an October gathering in Manhattan that the GOP would win 51 to 53 seats and “about 28” in the House.


Polls mean nothing

Public opinion pollsters should issue immediate refunds to their clients.

On election eve, numerous surveys showed Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire, Patty Murray of Washington, and other Democrat senators in nail-biters. They won handily.

Nevada’s Adam Laxalt was headed for the Senate. He isn’t.

Republican Lee Zeldin looked poised for an upset as New York’s next governor. Alas, he soon will become a former congressman (and deserves far better).

Kari Lake was en route to Arizona’s governor’s mansion amid early talk that she could wind up in the White House. Her hopes, at best, hang from a cactus needle.

The pollsters got it all wrong. They were off in 2020 and missed Donald J. Trump’s 2016 upset over Hillary Clinton.

Why do we listen to these people?

Florida is turning GOP

While Republicans struggled in other states, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) stomped Democrat Charlie Crist like acucaracha — 59.4 percent to 40 percent, including a win in Democrat-rich Miami-Dade County. “Florida is where woke goes to die!” DeSantis thundered to enormous cheers.

DeSantis’ “win for the ages,” as he called it, stood 180 degrees opposite that of so many Republicans who either failed or barely crossed their finish lines. This dichotomy, in the swingiest of swing states, makes it difficult for Democrats to call Nov. 8 a triumph, thus deepening the midterm muddle.

Election integrity matters

DeSantis’ Florida counted all of its 7.5 million votes in five hours last Tuesday night. Arizona, California, and Nevada still are tabulating ballots. These and other laggard jurisdictions either engage in vote fraud for days, which merits long prison sentences for the guilty, or merely create the appearance of fraud.

Like Drano poured on steel, the reality or rumors of fraud corrode confidence in America’s democratic elections. Democrats chirped, “Democracy! Democracy!” throughout the fall campaign. For a party that claims to cherish “Democracy!” more than life itself, Democrats care little about reassuring citizens who believe that U.S. elections have decayed into institutionalized incompetence, at best, or organized crime, at worst.

Gotham City is doomed

Despite Zeldin’s diligent, principled, relentless, and courageous campaign for governor, he could not beat Crime Wave Kathy Hochul, the Empire State’s lackluster, crooked, thug-hugging, hack, incumbent Democrat chief executive. Despite rocketing crime, much of it random and infinitely senseless, New York voters decided that they love abortion more than they hate murder. Now, they will get plenty of both.

Let’s see how many women enjoy their blessed abortions and then wind up shoved in front of subway trains or otherwise killed by Gotham’s platoons of stark-raving-bonkers “homeless” maniacs. Slaughtering babies evidently is more important than saving adults. So, denizens of America’s most populous metropolis will get what they want. May they savor their choice.

As the mayhem rages on, the official Democrat response from Hochul, pro-criminal “prosecutors” such as Manhattan’s Alvin Bragg, and the revolutionary, cop-hating congressional “Squad” is: “What, we worry?” New Yorkers increasingly are giving up and shipping out to Florida, Tennessee, Texas, and other places that fight crime rather than laugh it off.

As New York’s tax base heads south, so will the Empire State.

But its home state is warming to Republicans

Paradoxically, among the scarce good news last Tuesday, New York state elected at least five new Republican members to the U.S. House, four of them in flipped seats. By a total of 50.4 percent to 49.6 percent, Michael Lawler defeated Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee — in essence, Democrats’ top general in the House reelection effort.

Newcomer George Santos defeated Democrat attorney Robert Zimmerman. The openly gay Santos topped the openly gay Zimmerman, 54.1 percent to 45.9 percent. The affable and well-spoken Santos now will offer America a high-profile example of a gay man with conservative values and conventional demeanor in stark and badly needed contrast to the pro-transgender and increasingly pedophile-friendly radical Left.

Georgia on our minds

Republicans must unite immediately and enthusiastically behind Herschel Walker. The political newcomer and beloved football hero can defeat over-the-cliff-Left Democrat incumbent Raphael Warnock in a runoff if the Right rallies to send Walker to the Senate on Dec. 6. Trump v. DeSantis should wait at least until 2022’s vital, final election concludes.

The hapless, pathetic Senate GOP “leader” Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is dissing Walker by scheduling leadership elections on Wednesday rather than awaiting Walker’s arrival and participation in those decisions. Shame on McConnell for this counterproductive slap at a Republican still boldly waving the Grand Old Party’s battle flag.

All in for Herschel Walker in Georgia!

Manhattan-based political commentor Deroy Murdock is a Fox News contributor.

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