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Megyn’s Moment Will Prove Fleeting

I don’t begrudge anyone who receives big money from people who are willing to pay them. God bless the Matt Flynns of the world, the Brock Osweilers, and anyone who cashed in on a few moments in time. Of course, I do feel bad for the fans of these franchises. Their teams are sitting with dead money, and those contracts can literally decimate a team for at least half a decade, not to mention getting many front office people fired. Sports and entertainment history is littered with cautionary tales of dead money, money spent on people who had a moment. Again, I don’t begrudge, take what you can earn if someone is willing to pay. Lord knows as a Yankee fan I know about dead money.

How did Joey do without his Friends? How has Katie done without Matt? How did Joanie and Chachi do without The Fonz? How did Elton do without Bernie? The list goes on and I’m sure you can add many instances that I have omitted. Hey, how’s Colbert doing without his Stewart? You can put some people in a grocery aisle, and people will ask them advice on which ketchup to buy or what’s the softest toilet paper. Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, to name a few, and some people who you will politely say to, excuse me, your wagon is in my way, Megyn Kelly.

A great rule in life, Megs, is to never overvalue your hand, and never to believe the hype, maybe that’s two rules. You had a moment and good for you, you seized on it. Instead of reporting on a story you became the story. I can’t believe I’m going to compliment Chuck Todd, Anderson Cooper, and Jake Tapper right now, or for that matter Katy Tur, but all of them made the decision to report on “the story” and not become the story. Some of these people were far more knocked and ridiculed than you were, obviously in my opinion fairly. But you seized on it like a fat guy at a buffet.

Strong women don’t scare me, I was raised by an incredibly strong one, that’s not the reason I don’t love you. Maybe I’m just too old, and met too many men and women like you to fall for that crocodile smile. I just don’t see you as anything more than a wagon pusher. But, hey, the brain trust that is NBC obviously knows way more than I do; these news programs and news networks are doing so incredibly well. Andy Lack, I would suggest you Google the names Matt Millen, Omar Minaya, any general manager of the Cleveland Browns, since you just might need a few people to talk to in a year and half or so. And just a heads-up, watch what you say, you don’t want to be “Swifted” in Megyn’s next book.

Remember McLean Stevenson? Most people don’t. How about George Lazenby? Shelly Long? All these are people who overplayed their hands. Wagon pushers, hey I’m a wagon pusher myself so that’s not a knock on wagon pushers. Again, I don’t begrudge the money and power you, Megyn, have just attained. I don’t get it, but the brain trust at NBC apparently does. It’s their money not mine. I guess someone out there is interested in hearing, on a daily basis, about her husband and kids. Apparently someone else out there is interested in bad snark. Hey, just because I don’t get something, doesn’t mean there aren’t many who don’t. I did miss the mark on Trump. I just pray you put Chris Stirewalt into your contract, please from the bottom of my heart, please.

Sometimes you truly do get addition by subtraction, and you — I’m addressing Fox News now — just added a lot. Remember you have made stars, not the other way around. You will make another and many more after that. Whether it’s Shannon Bream, Trish Regan, or an unknown in your plush farm system, I promise you this: in a month or two max, this will be a side note in your history. Yeah, she will get a lot of hype pretty soon and her billboards will be all over, and you will question if you made the right move; when you are going through that nervous time, Matt Millen is free to talk, so is Trent Baalke. Every GM’s fear is trading Babe Ruth, or not drafting Derek Jeter, I promise you have not done either. Hey maybe I’m wrong, and Megyn Kelly will propel NBC into ratings gold, and maybe Brock Osweiler will be this year’s Super Bowl MVP.

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