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Common Sense on Trial Everywhere
CNN’s Chris Cuomo vs. Mark McCloskey (YouTube screenshot)

Liberalism is an experiment against common sense, a refusal to govern rationally. We are now witnessing the consequences of that experiment. Everywhere one looks common sense is on trial, from cops who practice self-defense to homeowners who do. In this climate, the St. Louis couple, the McCloskeys, who successfully defended their home from the mob, are of course cast as villains by the media. Or to put it in Chris Cuomo’s ludicrously race-baiting terms, they are the face of “resistance to the Black Live Matters movement.”

In this war on common sense, pathetic Republicans behave like broken POWs, reciting whatever propaganda the mob forces upon them.

Cuomo’s interview with Mark McCloskey this week was naturally outrageous. He couldn’t contain his eagerness to side with the mob over McCloskey and his wife. From the safety of his studio chair, he browbeat McCloskey for using guns to protect his house and life. “To be clear, did anything happen to you or your property?” Cuomo demanded to know. Apparently McCloskey was supposed to wait until the mob destroyed his house before grabbing his guns.

What astonishing idiocy. But in today’s mau-mauing culture, it works. The press coverage portraying the McCloskeys as “intimidators” has resulted in a craven letter from their neighbors. Local press has reported that 38 neighbors have condemned the couple. The neighbors, cowering in fear of the mob, scurried to say that they stand for “peaceful protest” against anyone who dare “disrupt” it.

Cuomo, ever the sophistical jackass, also demanded to know of Mark McCloskey how he felt about the “agenda” to which Tucker Carlson and President Trump were putting him, as if the promotion of the right to self-defense somehow qualifies as a nefarious agenda. Carlson and Trump have pointed to the McCloskeys as an example of sanity in a time of insanity. They are. The reason the brainwashed hate them is that they displayed the efficacy of guns: had they not displayed them, the mob would have overrun their home.

Woe to those who defend themselves against the mob. The expectation now is that one is supposed to give the mob whatever it wants. Anything less makes you part of the odious “resistance” to the movement for “justice.”

The McCloskeys can’t defend themselves without censure and ostracism. Nor can the police. The cop who fought off a criminal who stole his taser finds himself on trial for murder. Police departments that enforce the law fairly are routinely called racist by the very corporations they protect. As Black Lives Matters gets richer, those departments get poorer, while the “defund the police” movement accelerates under the anti-police sentiment the media stokes every day. Anyone who points out that that defunding will result in a spike in crime is called “racist.”

In this war on common sense, pathetic Republicans behave like broken POWs, reciting whatever propaganda the mob forces upon them. Hence, we see Republican senators calling for the elimination of Columbus Day and treating Robert E. Lee as a Nazi. Trump is derided by them for standing against this frenzy of iconoclasm. As the mob has ripped up the country, Republicans’ silence has been deafening. They muttered their platitudes about the glories of “peaceful protest” even as the protests grew more and more violent.

The consequence of the two parties bashing the police while coddling the mob is that crime is now spreading like wildfire. Criminals correctly see a flashing green light in all the “defund the police” rhetoric. They know that they have the upper hand, and that in places like Chicago one can literally get away with murder. The police there have completely backed off. Consequently, Chicago has over 300 murders this year.

It is fitting that in these upside-down times the McCloskeys would not be heroes but outcasts. They were “caught on camera” defending themselves and their home. How dare they use the only language the mob understands — the display of force. How dare they take matters into their own hands and not call a police that wouldn’t have come. How dare they not recognize that self-defense, if you are guilty of “whiteness,” is itself an act of illicit privilege.

The Black Lives Matter movement will not end in a system without injustice but one with monstrous new ones — a dystopia where common sense is a crime and criminals rule with impunity.

George Neumayr
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George Neumayr, a senior editor at The American Spectator, is author most recently of The Biden Deception: Moderate, Opportunist, or the Democrats' Crypto-Socialist?
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