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Making a Hash of Their Hashtags

“If it bleeds it leads,” the old adage went. And, yes, it is indeed old, so much so, that it no longer applies. That is, unless, of course, it’s a Trump “bloodletting.” There is a Scientology Center across the street from where I live. Prior to reopening, it is being remodeled at supersonic speed. I can’t help but think about all of the people there grateful for the Trump Presidency. You know, all those Scientology people who used to make the news headlines for their sundry “evils.”

For years we have been flooded with “fake news.” Yes, fake news is also news that is omitted. We’re seeing no headlines on the death, carnage, and atrocities being committed around the world. There is no accurate reporting about the murder rates in our inner cities. No real reporting on how the Affordable Care Act really wasn’t affordable. Sure, there was the distant headline buried under other headlines for distraction. If all those things were so important, why are they no longer important?

Are we cured of whatever the hell GMO’s are? Did the Boko Haram girls return? Have people been cured of their addictions? Is Scientology just a misunderstood religion? Did Don Lemon find the Malaysian plane that went missing, as one of his guests suggested, into a black hole? What happened to Alec Baldwin being an assaulter, and all of his anti-gay rants? Did “sexual assaults” on campuses go down? Are the Kardashians still on television? Did Bruce/Kaitlyn Jenner finally commit? Weren’t the Kardashians robbed what seems like years ago, and Kanye had a meltdown? My God, doesn’t everything seem like years ago at this point? The good old days of the news when if it bled it led?

The media is like the “friend” we all have, who asks how you are, and before you finish with your response they are already telling you how they are. They aren’t even asking anymore. The second you answer that call, they have already given up all pleasantries and lead with their own stories. This really is quite fascinating, and so telling at the same time. At one point, these stories were so important to people, and now they’re worth nothing. People in our country, a majority being people on the left, sadly need hate or mock outrage to survive. I guess when you believe in nothing, nothing becomes everything. What a sad and vacant way to, not live, but survive.

For eight years, nothing mattered. All that mattered was half the nation being steered into what they were told to hashtag. Yes, hashtag people killed by terrorists, but don’t hashtag the cause of the terrorism. Stand with the people of France, while sitting at your computer, but don’t stand with what caused it in the first place. Protest GMO’s and pipelines, while 652 children were murdered in Syria last year. That story trended today for five minutes. Wasn’t there some guy in prison documented, on some documentary, on Netflix, that everyone was in an uproar about last year, while thousands were being shot in Chicago? Yeah, Democrats, without googling I dare you tell me the name of that documentary, and what was the name of the guilty man you chose to “care” about so much?

All of a sudden Russia matters. It didn’t matter when they annexed a country (the one Maxine Waters calls “Korea”), killed reporters and opposition, and committed human rights violations. We had no problems competing in the last Olympics held in Russia. Think about this for a split second, just for a moment. If it wasn’t such a tragedy it would be a comedy. We have every special rights group in America up in a tizzy now, but no tizzy then? Where were the protests to not compete? Where were the protests as Secretary Clinton hit the reset button, as if she was playing a video game? It didn’t matter because it wasn’t reported to matter. What mattered for eight years was absolute garbage. Red lines in the sand, betraying our allies; as the world burned, the left turned.

So as the Scientology Center is being transformed, across the street from my house, there are no protests. Leah Remini isn’t outside screaming, HBO isn’t filming, nothing. They are quite the landscapers, by the way. Why nothing? Because it was never anything. It’s as if everything that “mattered” has ceased to exist. The happiest people in America about the current President, excluding those who voted for him and thank God every day that they don’t have to listen to Hillary, are those appearing in the “fake news” stories of yesteryear. The stories created, so actual news could be omitted. #BokoHaram the girls are still missing — oh wait, I must have missed the massive reporting on their return. The story wasn’t just about the girls going missing, it was that we stayed silent in our alleged efforts in trying to find them. When the former First Lady did her hashtag, maybe it should have been #honey do something. #StevenAvery, he’s still “innocent” in jail; #AlecBaldwin, well, he’s still Alec Baldwin; # allyourinsignificant hashtags. No, if it bleeds, it doesn’t lead. If it’s Trump, it’s in front, #hashtaghypocrites.

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