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Letters to the Editor: Searching for Conservative Unity
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How to ‘Fight for It’

I write in response to the letter you published from Mr. Treiber on the 22nd entitled “Fight for It?”

I have given the following missive to my friends and acquaintances who are very upset over the election and recommend it to everyone regardless of what side of the political divide they are on. It begins with largely turning off all the mass media, particularly “social” media. That includes television, internet, and cell phones. This is the means by which so many of us are led/misled and drives our divisions. Giving up the media will free up a substantial amount of time, which I entreat everyone to spend wisely. I recommend dividing that time three ways: to family and household, to the community, and to causes.

The first third of your newly freed time should be devoted to your family and household. This is where you are most needed and have the greatest impact.

The second third of this time should be devoted to the community you live in. Join together with your neighbors and build up your community with the things that benefit everyone regardless of belief or background. As I see things, this is a prerequisite to the final third of your time because in building up your community, you will interact in a positive way with people of different opinions. 

The final third of your time I recommend devoting to the causes you believe in. Organize, attend meetings, debate, raise funds, campaign, support or oppose candidates. Fight to right the wrongs and promote the good. Be relentless, and respectful at all times. In doing this, be careful whose lead you follow. Avoid those whose rhetorical toolkit consists only of a can of gasoline and a match. You don’t want to burn down what you built in the second third of your time.

Too often, conservatives do nothing but show up and vote. Then they wonder at why the Left seems to win out in every battle and the supposedly conservative representatives in government won’t sustain the fight even as the conservative voter is inactive. Well, it’s time to change all that. 

Warren Murphy

January 25

Don’t Worry — It’s Not Socialism 

One dictionary definition states that socialism is “a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.”

Never fear; that is not going to happen. Too many owners and managers of the means of production, distribution, and exchange are in control of our politicians. What is happening is a simple power grab by those in charge, fully abetted by those same owners and managers, who, like their political brethren, stand to gain influence and, more importantly, money, from Democrats in power.

This is all going to be unpleasant and costly for anyone not in the graces of government.

This did not have to happen. Had Donald Trump behaved with some degree of rationality and self-awareness, we would not be here. Instead he handed the Democrats and the media a bête noire against whom to campaign for years. Now, instead of allowing him to fade into well-deserved oblivion, they have chosen to keep the flame not just burning, but fueled by a post-departure impeachment. One need not wonder why.

The Democrats are going to overreach; they already have with countless executive orders and HR 1, a grab bag of election “reforms” designed to keep them in power forever. It just might work.

A saving grace could be the inevitable incompetence of the federal government to accomplish much of what it intends. Still, it will try, and new laws and regulations will be on the books to support it in the forthcoming endless lawsuits.

Opposition must fall to Republicans. Good luck. The party may not survive Donald Trump, especially if he continues to fulminate about a lost election and remains in the public eye stirring his hard-core supporters. Republicans have to unite, not behind Trump but in opposition to the coming hard-left policies. If they cannot win back Congress in 2022, the damage done by 2024 may be irreversible.

The result will not be socialism. There has never actually existed a socialist state. Those that are called socialist are actually oligarchies. We are already on the way there. Our oligarchs are lifetime politicians, media moguls, and Silicon Valley billionaires. The current administration is out to complete the journey.

Fred Wolferman

January 26

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