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Lefties Barging Into Our Living Rooms

“Look mister, there’s two kinds of dumb, uh guy that gets naked and runs out in the snow, and barks at the moon, and, uh guy who does the same thing in my living room. First one doesn’t matter, the second one, you’re kind of forced to deal with.” Coach Norman Dale’s response to that: “That some sort of threat?” Although most of these protesters, are still, just in the snow, barking at the moon, they are getting very close to being in our living rooms.

You, the Democratic leadership and CNN, have a problem. It’s not cute, and it’s not funny. It’s downright scary, with the outcome being “extreme danger.” Right now, you are lighting fuses, with no idea of where the explosions will occur. While George Soros might be the financier of the new “Weathermen,” it is you, the media, and the Democrats who’re giving them oxygen and fanning the flames. For a second, just imagine, and I know you can’t, but just for a nano-second; if those were Trump supporters at Berkeley, or at airports, wouldn’t the story be just a tad different? Instead of a romance novel, it would be a graphic novel.

Your headline would be: “Donald Trump’s Alt-Right Nationals and Neo-Nazis Rampage, Causing Millions in Damage.” The subhead: “Ambulances blocked from hospitals, and thousands miss flights.” You would do or create a story on a heart transplant that had to be put on hold because the pilot got stuck in “protester traffic” and on a little boy in Oregon who died because he couldn’t get his new heart in time. Of course this would be your narrative. During the primaries, you falsely blamed Trump supporters at rallies for causing the violence, later calling out then-presidential hopeful Donald Trump to essentially take responsibility for his supporters’ actions and telling him to “leash” his base.

If any Republican senator had done what Elizabeth Warren did, he or she wouldn’t be celebrated. That person would be called an obstructionist at best. They would be ridiculed, shamed, and mocked. They would be trending for a whole other reason. My G-d, can you guys not see this? Are you that blinded? Jake Tapper has your soul. Has your brain been utterly hijacked, leaving you with not an ounce of critical thinking and humanity?

Elizabeth Warren barked, the other day, in America’s living room. What will happen when her demented minions follow suit? What will happen when these extremists, with no exit strategy, start barking in Republican safe spaces? Ever notice that when these anti-fur people, like PETA, throw paint onto mink coats, it’s thrown at defenseless people? You don’t see them pulling these shenanigans at the BET awards, do you?

Protesters are like hemorrhoids. They are annoying and painful, but with medicine, they often go away. But every once in a while you need to have their blood supply cut off and zapped. No one wants to see this happen. No one wants to see people get hurt. Do you really think, though, that this isn’t inevitable? Do you not see the day that hemorrhoids start to irritate the sufferer so badly that they are forced to take extreme action in order to get rid of them?

Yes, your headline/your narrative would be: “Trump Supporter Beats Defenseless, Peaceful Protester.” You would demand that the president and his team denounce them. You would blame the president for the absence of civil discourse. You would create a new fake news story like “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.” The protesters would become the new Michael Brown. There is one problem with this narrative, though, and as much as you don’t want to believe it, the nation is not on the protesters’ side. Sure, they have many supporters, and their stories are always trending. But, Americans do not like hemorrhoids. They don’t like people barking in their living rooms, as they are trying to live this thing they call “life.” No, this is not a threat. It’s just something some will be “forced to deal with.”

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