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Left-Wing Espionage: Trump Was Right

Years ago, spying consisted of slipping a small camera into a shoe and a couple of microphones into the vases decorating some secretive office. Sometimes, if the spy was a Russian blonde, letting yourself fall into the trap was a legitimate option. Today much more information is obtained by gathering a few nerds in a dark room with their laptops and hacking into any old network. Oddly enough, for Democrats, the fact that spying is done over the internet seems to make it a negligible activity, just like they consider censorship on social networks to be negligible censorship. It’s as if they were saying, “Bah, internet stuff, kids’ stuff.” But the truth is that spying on the president of the United States, when you are the leader of the opposition, is extremely serious. Contrary to what the Left thinks, the fact that Trump is the one being spied on does not lessen the gravity of such activities.

What amazes me most about what Jeffrey Lord calls “HillaryGate” is the foolishness of the person who ordered this espionage. If anything characterized Trump’s presidency, it was his verbal incontinence. Before any event, whether it was the death of a mosquito or the outbreak of war, Trump took three seconds to say what he thought, either in a video or in a tweet, generally written in capital letters, to help the kids with reading comprehension problems, who are growing like mushrooms in the Democratic Party.

Contrary to what the Left thinks, the fact that Trump is the one being spied on does not lessen the gravity of such activities.

Spying on Biden, Clinton, or Obama might reveal some relevant information, and it would still be a crime, but someone might consider the risk worth it. But there is nothing you don’t already know about Trump: from how he likes his women, to what kind of government he would like for Venezuela, or what he thinks of Kim Jong-un’s hairdresser. It’s useless to spy on him because, before you manage to crack the computer security system, Trump will have already said the same thing a thousand times in public.

The Democrats have never understood that, if Trump connected with the middle and working classes for anything, it is because they saw in him someone who spoke his mind, for better or worse. And that was attractive to them, especially after having endured so many years of the cosmetic politics of Obama, whose presidential day-to-day life seemed designed by half a million Netflix scriptwriters.

And if spying is wrong, intoxicating is worse. At the end of the day, to spy is to obtain truthful and objective information through an illicit means, but to intoxicate is to take advantage of the infrastructure of espionage to get into the facts and deform them at will. Michael Sussmann worked with others to mount a scandal for Trump that was credible, i.e., not so over the top so as to raise suspicions. When Trump called him out on it, the kindest description the president got from the left-wing press around the globe was “paranoid idiot.”

In the 1990s, the Spanish socialists hatched a plan to get rid of a Spanish newspaper editor who irritated Felipe González’s government. As the newspaper El Mundo kept uncovering socialist crimes and misdeeds, they devised a plan that, if it finally turned against them, was only because it was so excessive. A young Ecuadorian woman hired for the occasion gained the trust of the newspaper’s director, Pedro J. Ramírez, and later more than just trust. One fateful night of passion, the director agreed to visit her at her house, where he ended up participating in a humiliating sex show prepared by her and that, shortly after, everyone else would get see, because inside the room’s closet was someone charged with recording the whole affair. It was so shocking to see Spain’s most famous journalist, the great scourge of the Government, in such a gross, intimate moment of deviant sex with a girl who, to be honest, was not exactly Nicole Kidman, that public opinion instantly realized that he had been set up with the sole purpose of dynamiting his reputation and credibility. Guess which side the progressive press took? That’s right. The prostitute’s.

To be fair, we’ve come a long way since this episode with the Spanish Left, and Clinton’s Russian plot has been somewhat refined in comparison, because at least we have been spared seeing Trump naked. Nevertheless, the truth is that there is one thing that never seems to change: no matter where we are in the world, the fact is that the Left will stoop to any means possible to rise to power. And when I say any means possible I mean anything and everything. That, and the fact that Trump, once again, was right.

Itxu Díaz
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Itxu Díaz is a Spanish journalist, political satirist, and author. He has written 10 books on topics as diverse as politics, music, and smart appliances. He is a contributor to The Daily Beast, The Daily Caller, National Review, American Conservative, and Diario Las Américas in the United States, as well as a columnist at several Spanish magazines and newspapers. He was also an adviser to the Ministry for Education, Culture, and Sports in Spain.
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