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Justice Is Done in Wisconsin

Late Tuesday afternoon, the Wisconsin State Supreme Court overturned a lower court’s ruling which had blocked implementation of the controversial Republican-passed law limiting certain aspects of public employee union collective bargaining.

The 4-3 ruling was, much like our routine 5-4 votes from the federal Supreme Court, symptomatic of a corrosive partisanship infecting the judiciary. The leader of the court’s “liberal wing” called the majority decision “hasty”,  “partisan”, and “reach(ing) unsupported conclusions.” And while she attempts some serious legal arguments to make her case, left-leaning jurists at this point have, by their repeated determination to make law rather than interpret it as written, become little more than lawyers crying conservative wolf.

Is there anybody left outside the Democratic Party or union leadership who still believes that Democrat judges in America don’t consider their party’s political wishes in the top few factors when determining how to rule on a case?

Now that the law, after much angst and Democrat desertion of their posts, is to be implemented, the people of Wisconsin can take a little time for sober reflection, including seeing their state’s budget problems not get as much worse as they otherwise would have, and then decide who they want to reelect or unelect in 2010 (as well as the few unlucky subjects of recall petitions who will face reelection or unelection in the next two months.)

Elections have consequences. The Wisconsin State Supreme Court was right not to try to substitute its judgment for the judgment of the duly elected representatives of the people when the only question before them was an irrelevant technicality.

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