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Joy Behar and the Morning Marxist Sisters

I recently found myself watching a segment on ABC’s The View. Sometimes I tune in to Liberal media outlets to know what the other side is raging about. Each time, I regret it. This time, the nattering nay-bobs at The View couldn’t stop kvetching about the man they all hate (but clearly secretly love): President Donald J. Trump. Specifically, the Marxist Sisters were offended by what I viewed as Trump’s hilarious press conference from the Rose Garden in which he proudly announced his recent trade deal with Mexico and Canada.

While taking questions, ABC “news” reporter Cecilia Vega fumbled about with the microphone, uttering “Sorry, Mr. President, I’m not thinking.” To which, President Trump hilariously quipped, “I know you’re not thinking. You never do.” This, of course, was a made-for-television moment that the president deftly took advantage of. And, without missing a beat, the whining flappers on The View wasted no time venting about how miserable the president was being. Sunny Hostin insisted that Trump’s off-the-cuff joke was, “Like, institutionalized misogyny from the very top. [Vega] was just trying to do her job!”

What no one seems to comprehend is that the president announced a truly important trade deal. At the very start of taking questions, the president acknowledged that he would take questions regarding the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination battle, but that he wanted to first field queries about the trade deal at hand. With typical partisan vitriol, most of the “mainstream” media members in attendance cared little to heed the president’s simple request and Vega, like all of her other spineless colleagues, demanded to speak only about Kavanaugh. Trump knew this was going to happen, which is why he got testy with Vega. While it might have been over-the-top for that event, in the larger context of how the press has dealt with President Trump, his remarks were incredibly restrained.

The View’s commentary of the event, though, was truly mind-boggling and a reminder of the mindset that the Right is up against in this year’s midterms. The resident “conservative” on the show, Abby Huntsman (recently of Fox News Channel and daughter of the #NeverTrump U.S. ambassador to Russia, Jon Huntsman), insisted that Trump’s actions resonated with many voters because many of Trump’s voters believe their economic and social plights were ignored for so long by the political elite. She’s right. And, as Huntsman pointed out, many other Americans are willing to overlook Trump’s flagrant disregard for politeness with an overtly hostile press because their economic situation has improved immeasurably since Trump took office.

Nevertheless, Joy Behar proclaimed that she didn’t care that the country was doing better (for the record: an implicit acknowledgement by Behar that the country is doing better since Trump took over is stunning in itself, but I digress)! Like her View co-host, Whoopi Goldberg, Behar argued she’d rather have a few less dollars in her (sizable) bank account and “more air to breathe” instead. This, from a woman who has one of the largest soapboxes in daytime television. If anything, Joy, you’re breathing too much — and blowing far too much smoke, even for a television pundit (making you and your horrific ideas the real pollutants threatening Americans everywhere, by the way).

Not only would Behar and her fellow morning Marxist sisters prefer having “more air to breathe” than “just a few more dollars” in their bank accounts, but they’d also rather have a president who was “moral” and someone their children “could look up to.” Oh, please. The party of the Kennedy Family and Bill Clinton need not lecture us on morality!

What Behar and her elite pals fail to understand — as House Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) exhibited when the tax cuts were passed — is that the American people have been so harmed by the quasi-socialist policies of the last 40 years that “a few more dollars” (it’s actually more than that) is not merely “breadcrumbs” to most Americans. It’s a great relief that has stimulated the economy unlike ever before.

The Marxist sisters would have you believe Donald Trump is a Neanderthal who is going to place chastity belts around your daughters (choosing the most desirable for himself and his fellow aging GOP leaders) like Immortan Joe in Mad Max. In fact, just like the overall economy, women have disproportionately benefited from the Trump economic program. Trump’s economic program has made more women free by giving them more money and opportunity.

This assertion is backed up by quantifiable metrics provided by LendEDU:

As a share of income, the biggest winners from the individual income tax cuts are blacks, Hispanics and women.… While the overall average increase in take-home pay was 3.5%, it was 3.64% among blacks and Hispanics, and 3.61% among women. The increase was even higher for black women (4.26%), and Hispanic women (3.86%).

Heading into November, one must begin to wonder whether the morning Marxist sisters like Behar and Whoopi represent the majority opinion of female American voters. Or, whether at least enough American women — possibly those who have families? — will see through the Left’s cheap trick of fixating Trump’s various personality quirks in order to get women to vote against their own (and their loved ones’) interests. Most women I know are extremely practical and, despite the public outcry against “that Man” in the White House, most women — like everyone else — want to see their paychecks increase and have the security of knowing they can pay all of their bills… at least those women who do not enjoy fat paychecks from major media networks.

Twenty eighteen may very well be the year of the woman. The question will be which woman? The elite Marxist sisters who populate all of the major media platforms, with little to lose by backing Leftism? Or, the soccer moms and young women struggling to find her first job out of college that pays well enough to allow her to start paying down those ridiculously high student loans? I know how a man would vote. Let’s see how supposedly liberated women do this November. I’m hopeful that they won’t listen to the inane Joy Behar.

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