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Is Our Republicans Learning? Nope

The signs are coming fast and are ugly: Republicans have not learned a thing, and appear neither ready to lead nor deserving of leadership.

First, leading light Rep. Paul Ryan gets caught pushing the administration to give his district some “green jobs” wealth transfers from the taxpayer. Either Rep. Ryan either does not understand the scam of “green jobs” — was the “stimulus” experience so long ago? — or doesn’t care. And, given his stature and promise, that is very disheartening either way.

And now comes a new disgrace, reported by CNBC, from Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander, a highly unreliable Republican on most things “environment” anyway, eager as are so many career politicians to “do something” whenever a major issue is proclaimed:

“Alexander said he ‘would consider a cap on utilities only if we could figure out the right way to do it that didn’t drive costs up substantially over the short term.'”

Opposition to Barack Obama’s proclaimed objective of causing electricity prices to “necessarily skyrocket“? Nope; just make sure he’s retired by the time they kick in. I want to be able to say I “did something”.

Sen. Alexander really is with Obama on this, who also has in the past said he has no problem with what we currently view as high gasoline prices — which naturally are child’s play compared with the prices that are required for any emissions reduction scheme to reduce emissions. It’s just that he opposes the price hikes coming so fast.

You see, then people notice, and start chanting things like “drill, baby, drill!” leading to politicians to remove longstanding moratoria on domestic production only to reinstate them while cynically claiming they actually “opened up” areas for exploration that, ahem, had already been opened up. But only about 10% of which can possibly be explored now that the areas have been, sigh, “opened”. If that’s progress toward “energy independence”, we can’t afford much more progress.

Do you remember Obama Energy Secretary Steven Chu candidly telling the Wall Street Journal that “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe”?

There is no denying that the administration’s objective is substantially higher energy prices, to coerce you out of your lifestyle and into the one they have in mind for you — a Power Grab, as detailed in a very timely book now ready to be shipped to you on Monday, just as the bidding begins in the Senate, more on which book later — and indeed absent substantial price hikes no global warming scheme would reduce emissions. But nothing ever proposed would detectably impact the climate. According to anyone.

And folks like Lamar Alexander are stepping up to help. Which raises the question someone might ask the wobbly senior Senator from Tennessee: what is the purpose? In short, what will the temperature be after cap-and-trade or whatever you choose to call your scheme?

Sadly, I bet he doesn’t know the answer, which is actually the subject of — wait for it — consensus: the temperature after Kyoto, Kyoto II, cap-and-trade, all of this nonsense will be…whatever it was going to be. And no one says any different.

So it seems that have seen the next few weeks’ future for Senate Republicans, and it is all-pain-no-gain gestures to show one isn’t just saying no — a grave concern, far graver apparently than those trifles that you worry yourself with — and the sort of leadership we are hearing from Sen. Lamar Alexander.

Soon, also watch for constituencies like the Chamber, trucking, contractors and others being peeled off with promises of highway projects and mandatory audits (leading to mandatory appliance and HVAC purchases!) when one buys/sells a home, and the like.

Peeling them off is the purpose of adding the gasoline tax — styled as a “carbon linked” fee, in all likelihood, but it’s a gas tax, embraced and indeed designed by “Big Oil” to make sure they bear none of the costs, just you. A gas tax adds revenues to spread around and buy support, even if that requires a dangerous precedent of divorcing those revenues from being dedicated solely to highway projects (a seal already broken, incidentally).

The foxhole gets less and less crowded with each tweak to take more of your money and buy off those at the table. And guess what, small business, and individuals? You aren’t represented there.

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