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“Intolerant!” the Intolerant Cried

There’s so much that could still be said in the aftermath of the Delaware primary, but as previously indicated I believe the primary should be treated as what it is, which is over. In that spirit we’ll let even the aftermath lie. So long as it seems willing to lay there.

But what does cry out for discourse is the by-now-routine, very tired rhetoric by the tantrum-throwers and wishful thinkers that “the Republican party has no room for moderates”, trotted out again as it is every time Republicans decide that while there’s room for moderates, well, given a choice they sometimes have a preference for non-liberals. Foul!, the entitled cry.

In each such instance we are treated by the self- and media-styled moderates to this unbecoming sniveling. Specter was pushed out. Castle…pushed out. Poor Bob Bennett. No room. Even Scott Brown — the widespread support enabling his election being itself proof that conservatives not only tolerate but will fight for moderates — has stumbled into this intellectual bog. Folks, do your selves a favor and show some moderation in all of this entitlement and self-pity.

Republicans, as their principles indicate, have a preference for non-liberals. Yes, as one writer for another publication oddly invoked as evidence that Mike Castle ought to be granted the nomination, Castle hadn’t ever faced challenge before (and, when he did, his response was not pretty and arguably evidence enough that he should be retired).

So he, too, was proof that conservatives and other mainstream Republicans had room for such a “moderate”, again and again. Then in a year when people think they can affect change, and plot a less dangerous course, a choice emerged and it was chosen. Foul!, the entitled cry. Proof that you are intolerant!, the intolerant whimper.

Liberal Republicans are called “moderates” because the Left owns the language; it suits their purposes to imply that the base of the party requires moderation because it is, well, extreme (the belated emergence of the term “moderate Democrat” in the Age of Obama has been extremely gratifying).

Moderates are welcome. They are not welcome, however, to be entitled. If you won’t play unless you win then please, do take your ball and go where you feel more comfortable. It’s your choice but if you have no room for conservatives, if you have no room for those who want your contribution but not your entitled dominance, then go, already. But please drop the silly insistence that this makes others intolerant of you.

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