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I Didn’t Know Romney Supported the Stimulus, Too

This devastating You Tube video captures many of the times that Mitt Romney took positions as far left as, or even further left than, Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama. It’s rather bracing to see it in person — but, in truth, I sorta knew most of it. What I somehow had missed was that Romney didn’t just support TARP — in a crisis, so did some other mistaken conservatives — but, later, he also supported the “stimulus” package. In fact, he said his regret was that the old Congress hadn’t already passed a $700 billion package for GW Bush to sign. I know of no other evem semi-conservative major figure who supported that monstrosity. But in this video, from about the 3:29 mark to about the 4:10 mark, Romney did just that. He also showed himself so far left on abortion and gun control that it went beyond what I already had known about him on those subjects as well. It’s really amazing, politically, that a supposedly conservative party is, according to conventional wisdom’s projections, about to nominate a presidential candidate whose recent past was so profoundly unconservative.

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