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Hungry to Feed on Kavanaugh

“The dogma lives loudly within you, and that’s of concern.”

So said Senator Dianne Feinstein (D.CA.) after she had finished her outrageous and shameful interrogation of Notre Dame law professor Amy Coney Barrett about whether Barrett’s Catholic faith rendered her unfit to be a federal judge. Despite Feinstein’s best efforts to expose Barrett’s putatively unacceptable and subversive Catholic beliefs, in September 2017, the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmed her appointment to a seat on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. So far, the Republic has withstood the blow.

But now, with President Trump’s nomination of D.C. Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, it seems that Feinstein will have to reprise her role as ex officio arbiter of faith and morals. After all, back in California, her angry supporters are demanding that our modern society and the secular sacrament of abortion must be saved from Kavanaugh who they deem to be a deranged Papist menace. I’m sure Feinstein will be up to the smear and expect her to find Kavanaugh to be easier pickings than the wily Barrett who exhibited admirable restraint in the face of Feinstein’s blatant bigotry.

For example, less than 48 hours after Kavanaugh and his suspiciously happy and traditional-looking family had attended the White House ceremony at which his Supreme Court nomination was announced, he was seen on the street wearing a red Washington Capitals cap and a blue — wait for it — Catholic Charities apron as he served food to the homeless. In his remarks at the White House, Kavanaugh, without apology or apparent embarrassment, stated that he was part of Washington’s “vibrant Catholic community” and that he tried to be “a man for others” which, alarmingly enough, is the motto of his Jesuit prep school. Clearly the man is out of control. Not only does the dogma live loudly within him, it appears to be driving him to act out in public by feeding the hungry. To secularists throughout the country, Kavanaugh must be stopped before he imposes his bizarre and retrograde religious beliefs on society.

Fish meet barrel. This should be easy shooting for Feinstein and her fellow liberal committee members. To them and their like-minded supporters, performing a corporal work of mercy is ample proof that Kavanaugh is not the right kind of public servant. Any sensible worshiper at the altar of the secular state would understand that giving succor to the needy is commendable only if it is rendered as part of a legally mandated, taxpayer-funded program. To them, private charity rendered in the name of someone’s imaginary friend in the sky (a/k/a “God”) is not only ludicrous in this enlightened day and age, it threatens the primacy of the one true deity, i.e., the peoples’ secular state.

So, get ready for the Senate Judiciary Committee’s turkey shoot when that proven and fearless hunter of Catholics, Senator Dianne Feinstein, leads the liberal pack in exposing and condemning what to them are Judge Kavanaugh’s dangerous, outdated, and laughable religious beliefs.

President Trump has done all of us a favor by nominating Judge Kavanaugh. Not only will Kavanaugh be a superb Justice of the Supreme Court, the confirmation process leading up to his taking the bench will once again dramatically demonstrate the utter contempt, condescension, and abhorrence that the secular and elitist left has for the rest of us who are so gauche, unsophisticated, and simple-minded as to believe in God and who try to live our lives in accordance with our religious beliefs.

Accordingly, we should welcome, proclaim, and celebrate this upcoming public display of the hate and intolerance that motivate and guide our secular leftist adversaries. Why? Because there are more of us than there are of them. And, as the midterm elections approach, a stark and forceful reminder of such bigoted contempt by Senator Feinstein and friends will hopefully cause many more of us than them to go to the polls and vote our backwards consciences.

George Parry is a former federal and state prosecutor who practices law in Philadelphia. He blogs at and can be reached by email at kignet!

George Parry
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George Parry is a former federal and state prosecutor who practices law in Philadelphia and blogs at
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