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Houston Democrats, You Have a Problem

On March 2nd, Democratic voters of the 22nd District of Texas nominated a congressional candidate whose platform includes the impeachment of President Obama. Kesha Rogers carried 53 percent of votes in a rather easy victory in the south Houston and suburban district. She will be challenging Republican incumbent Pete Olson in November.

“Democrats have made it clear that they are not happy with the policies of the Obama administration… They are putting forth a mandate that they want Obama out now,” Rogers told TAS.

When asked on what grounds President Obama could be impeached, Rogers responded that several acts the president had done were “treasonous”:

“What he is doing right now is against his constitutional oath of office. Not only is he continuing the bailout of Wall Street, the shutdown of man-space exploration with respect to NASA, but you have a continuous policy of acting on behalf of foreign interests — the interests of Wall Street and London Bankers, on behalf of the British imperial system. If that’s not treason, then I don’t know what is.”

Rogers then said that President Bush should have been impeached as well. When asked who the last president who should not have been impeached was, she replied “FDR”, but then said John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton should not haven been impeached either.

The district that Rogers is seeking to represent is home to the Johnson Space Center. Her campaign calls for colonization of other planets, saying that scientific research would stimulate the economy while saving jobs in her district. Rogers is also calling for high speed rail projects, a return to Glass-Steagall banking practices, and an end to the Wall Street bailouts.

Rogers describes herself as a “Franklin Roosevelt Democrat,” but has been groomed in the Lyndon LaRouche movement. Over the summer, LaRouche backers held pictures at town halls and rallies depicting President Obama with  “Hitler mustaches.” The news media at the time had widely reported that the protesters were Republicans. When asked if she supported the tactic of portraying the president as Hitler, Rogers responded, “Oh, absolutely. One of the signs we had in the campaign was Obama with a moustache that says ‘Houston we have a problem’, or ‘Impeach Obama.'” She justified the tactic by comparing Obamacare to the health care policies of Nazi Germany.

This is not the first time a LaRouche supporter has won a Democratic nomination despite its controversial past. But in this election, the calling for the impeachment of a president within one’s own party will likely raise some additional eyebrows.

At the moment, Rogers has no support from any prominent state or national Democratic officials. Yet, she told TAS she is optimistic about her chances in the general election. “Unless Pete Olson is willing to go for the impeachment of Obama, his chances are slim to none,” Rogers predicted.

The District is rated R+13 by Cook Partisan Voter Index, and was long-held by Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay prior to his resignation in 2006. One of her primary opponents, Doug Blatt, laments on his website, “I can’t believe that most people who voted for her, knew that she wants to do that [impeach the president]. I do believe that most of them didn’t do any research about the candidates before voting.”

One wonders whether this is a lone example of an intraparty fight, or if there is a more widespread uprising against the president within the Democratic party. The Texas Democratic Party could not yet  be reached for comment, nor could the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, nor could any of the local County Democratic organizations in District 22.  A spokesperson from the Democratic party of Texas last week vowed that Rogers would “not receive a single dollar” from the state Democratic Party staff.

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