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House Passes Bill to Defund Executive Amnesty

This is probably so pointless that it’s not even worth reporting on, but I suppose there’s always that outside chance that apparently surviving an assassination attempt by his former country club bartender could be enough to embolden John Boehner to take on the White House’s veto and whip those votes into quick submission. 

Okay, I said it was an outside chance. Anyway.

Today, the House passed a measure that would defund Obama’s executive amnesty program, attached to a bill that would fund the Department of Homeland Security through September. The final count was 236 for, 191 against, mostly along party lines but with ten Republicans jumping ship to vote against the bill and two Dems voting in favor.

Democrats rallied against the bill, which would fund the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) through September, after Republicans adopted a series of contentious amendments that take aim at facets of Obama’s immigration policy.

One of the amendments would choke off funding for Obama’s executive action announced in November, which would allow some illegal immigrants to stay in the country and obtain work permits.

A second amendment would halt the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA), which lifts deportation for some illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children.

The defunding amendment was adopted in a 237-190 vote, with seven Republicans voting no, while the DACA amendment was approved 218-209, with 26 Republicans defecting.

Even with the amendments attached, the bill was still $40 billion. And if it does not pass by February 27th, DHS will go unfunded. 

The White House has already promised to veto this bill, because that’s clearly how you build bridges between parties to create the kind of bipartisan relationship required to enact real policy reform. Republicans will either pass a second, identical funding bill, or they’ll cave and fund DHS through next September and pray that the administration takes no official steps in pursuit of its policy before 2015. Politically speaking, it’s not clear which one the Administration would prefer. A GOP cave-in so early in their legislative dominance would set the stage for the next two years, but a later GOP cave-in would ensure that Democrats retain a public relations advantage with the immigrant population, which they assume will vote for their chosen candidate in 2016.

The bill passed today does, at least, include jabs that could lead to compromise. The bill provides more funding for border security, including for patrol officers and detention facilities. It cuts back on the TSA’s budget from last year, and increases funding for the Secret Service so that they can train their officers not to pick up Columbian hookers when not authorized. The bill does contain one interesting provision, though in light of recent CENTCOM events:

 The bill also provides about $753 million for cybersecurity operations, which is a $39 million decrease from the level enacted for 2014.

They might want to revisit that one.

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