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Hillary’s Bomb

Those political and cultural analysts who think the Bill and Hillary Clinton marriage is a sham are doubly wrong. First, they need to take the E from Dan Quayle’s potatoe and spell shame properly. Second, the marriage is so real they have collaborated on the most eventful step in recent governmental history (as well as mental govern history)… giving Kim Jong Un the hydrogen bomb!

In her recent tome, characterized by brutally honest self-assessment of her 2016 Presidential campaign, Hillary writes, and I quote:

Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa

The whining is an incessant drone that renders her opus intolerable. Bad enough she is pontificating at a podium for 464 pages, but the high dose of odium is just too much. Even Piers Morgan in the Daily Mail, after fulsomely praising her qualifications, said that wading through the book was like “being lowered into a large vat of violently indignant, furiously self-justifying, boiling mad spittle.” Although I am not an aficionado of British culture, I gather that was not a compliment.

I had no choice but to censor every wa out of the book, altering the title to *h*t Happened.

Just keep applying that system and you might well make it through the book. Amidst the cater**uling you will hear she is a s**mp creature from **shington, who deplores the Great Un**shed, finds campaigning to be a **ste of time and believes she would have won in a cake**lk if not for Debbie **sserman Schultz getting hacked, Putin declaring **r, the press **llowing in negativity, Comey **nting 15 minutes of fame and **cky Anthony Weiner getting outed. If this list of culprits does not excite your outrage, you must be a Republican who thinks she is just a **nnabe any**y.

Now that I have saved you the trouble of joining Mister Morgan in the spittoon, we can focus on the larger story. As Kim Jong Un of North Korea sends missiles over Japan and explodes hydrogen bombs underground, the press hardly ever remembers to remind us it was Bill Clinton who made a whale of a deal which allowed Kim Jon Il to nuke up, even before his next-of-Kim took over and accelerated the pace. What was not realized until now was that while Bill Clinton is the ultimate cause of the problem, it is the Missus who is its proximate cause.

This is the conclusion to be drawn from a fascinating report in the New Yorker from a reporter who was admitted to Pyongyang, even if he was not vouchsafed a proper gander into its inner workings. But the Party apparatchik who was delegated to show him the town explained to him why Kim has no choice but to plow forward with his program. Here is why:

In recent talks, when Americans have asked whether any combination of economic and diplomatic benefits, or security guarantees, could induce Pyongyang to give up nuclear weapons, the answer has been no. North Koreans invariably mention the former Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi. In 2003, when Qaddafi agreed to surrender his nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, Bush promised others who might do the same that they would have an “open path to better relations with the United States.” Eight years later, the U.S. and NATO helped to overthrow Qaddafi, who was captured, humiliated, and killed by rebels. At the time, North Korea said that Qaddafi’s fall was “a grave lesson” that persuading other nations to give up weapons was “an invasion tactic.”

Now who was it that advocated for Qaddafi’s deposal and disposal? None other than that queen of diplomacy, hrc@clinton.org! Yes, it was Madame Hillary, late of State, who barnstormed Barack into barricading Qaddafi. After the Libyan leader bit the dust, Hillary gave an unseemly cackle on TV and accompanied it with this masterpiece of stateswomanlike restraint: “We came, we saw… and he got killed!”

This, for the uninitiated, was a clever reference to Julius Caesar’s Latin alliteration: “Veni, vedi, vici!” Loosely translated this means: “We came, we saw and we won!” Venue, video and victory. Hillary sees herself as Julia Caesar, a woman for the ages. But her update on that phrase was no upgrade. It reinforced the message that America was a land of perfidy; if the Kims disarm America will punish them, not reward them.

Democrats like to sneer at Republicans that Bill and Hillary Clinton have an enduring marriage, while Donald Trump is with his third wife and Rush Limbaugh his fourth. Now we must confess they are on to something. Bill and Hillary Clinton are, indeed, the personification of the nuclear family!

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