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Hillary Clinton Tells CNN Her Emails Were Never Subpoenaed, Which Is Weird Because They Were

Thank heavens Hillary Clinton is still absolutely and blissfully convinced that people trust her, otherwise, she might be concerned with how quickly her softball CNN interview was fact-checked. 

There weren’t any real questions to dodge in Hillary’s sit-down, which aired Tuesday on CNN and marked her first interaction with the press in two months, so it’s hard to believe that there’d be something so blatantly incorrect said in the first several minutes. According to the former Secretary of State, not a single human being on Earth had a problem with her private email server, all of her emails were available to investigators, who were so unconcerned with her communication, they never even issued her a subpoena.  

I have to say, it’s hard to be that deliberately obtuse. Typically, that sort of disconnect from reality is reserved for the more intentionally bizarre, like Bernie Sanders. But while she may be competing with the man to see whose plan of governance is less feasible in the long term, she certainly has Bernie beat in sheer numbers. Liberally everything Hillary Clinton says in that clip is a lie. She doesn’t use just one email device; she didn’t use just one email address. She’s never turned over a complete set of emails to the State Department and she’s deleted thousands of emails with no second opinion from her own employer. And while she may think it’s absolutely hilarious that Republicans are concerned that she might be withholding information relevant to the death of an American ambassador from an oversight committee, the people in charge of the investigation are preeeeeeeeetty sure the issue is kind of important.

Oh, and about never being subpoenaed for her email? Yeah, that one’s demonstrably false. The Select Committee on Benghazi issued an email to reporters yesterday with a very special missive to the former Secretary of State attached.

That subpoena she didn’t receive.


The subpoena wasn’t exactly vague


Well, that’s inconvenient.

Apparently, according to Rep. Trey Gowdy’s statement on the subject, this is just one of several subpoenas issued to the former Secretary, none of which were made public previously because he’s just that kind of guy. The subpoena is also interesting in that it’s a demand to turn over records that weren’t publicly available, which means there were huge gaps in what Clinton turned over, even on a voluntary basis. The State Department didn’t have them, Congress didn’t have them.

But, at the time, Hillary Clinton had them. This subpoena was, also, according to Gowdy, issued in 2013 (the date is at the top). According to Hillary Clinton, they went through and purged her server in 2014. So even when she had the emails available, she still wasn’t forking them over.

The good news for Clinton is, I suppose, as Begala says: people will still elect Clintons knowing they’re likely liars.

The Gold Standard, people. The Gold Standard.


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