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Hillary Clinton Can’t Decide Which Position To Take on Iran Deal

I maintain that I know very little about foreign policy, which is why I’ve left the conversation surrounding the Iran deal to the site’s more experienced foreign policy commentators, choosing to take the “dead babies” stories instead. But what I do know is that, even among the most liberal Internet commentators, the Iran deal is, at best, controversial.

Early yesterday morning, the coverage was laudatory. Which meant, obviously, that Hillary Clinton, who was supportive of the deal but, ultimately, sanguine about it in her initial interviews. As coverage peaked in the morning, Hillary Clinton was dancing around backstage in DC offering “full-throated” support for Iran’s sudden, yet predictable, nuclear advantage. But as reporters read the lengthy deal, released yesterday afternoon, their opinions soured.

And so did Clinton’s

We’re not totally clear if Secretary Clinton supports the Iran deal as it’s written,” I said. “Is it right that she supports the deal, or enforcement of the deal?”…

I asked if Clinton was somewhere on a spectrum between support and opposition of the deal….“It’s right to say that of pretty much everybody, I would hope, right?” he said. “Like everybody lives somewhere between support and opposition.”

“It’s right to say exactly what she said,” Ferguson continued. “She thinks it’s a really good first step, she thinks it has the potential to put a lid on nuclear proliferation, it does a lot of good things. But, you know, at the same time, she also is going to read it.”

Considering that she’s the one who sicced the State Department on the deal in the first place, she can’t exactly say the end result is terrible – though, she could, eventually, blame that all on John Kerry (after all, when she got her Botox, she didn’t have to suspend negotiations). She also can’t say it’s fantastic. There’s a Democratic opposition groundswell brewing, and while the Republican opposition will be more than enough, the key to keeping Obama at bay, public relations-wise, is to stoke the fires among pro-Israel Dems. Obama has already said that he’ll be taking this agreement first to the UN, which means Congress will bear the burden of voting down an agreement to coddle a dictator, approved by the world’s foremost experts on coddling dictators. 

Hillary can’t play the short game. But, apparently, that’s what she wants to do. Far be it from me to tell her she’s wrong, taking six positions on the same bill. It’ll make for a great campaign commercial, and it’s pretty fantastic to watch. 

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