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Has Time Rewritten Every Line?

Looky here today: The Lancet, a medical journal, retracts a 1998 paper that linked a measles, mumps and rubella vaccine to autism because of unethical conduct by its author, and the media is all over it:

The study subsequently had been discredited, and last week, the lead author, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, was found to have acted unethically in conducting the research.

The General Medical Council, which oversees doctors in Britain, said that “there was a biased selection of patients in The Lancet paper” and that his “conduct in this regard was dishonest and irresponsible.”

You can’t visit the sites of most of the so-called mainstream American media this afternoon and not find this story.

Contrast this with how quickly they reported the Climategate story — which is, not quickly at all. But never mind that — as Rick Moran writes at American Thinker, U.S. outlets are completely ignoring multiple reports out of the British media about “discredited” (see Lancet story, above), “unethical” (see Lancet story, above), “biased” (see Lancet story, above), “dishonest” (see Lancet story, above) and “irresponsible” (see Lancet story, above) behavior on the part of researchers from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia and from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Global Climate Change:

The revelations have been nothing short of jaw dropping. Dozens – yes dozens – of claims made in the IPCC 2007 report on climate change that was supposed to represent the “consensus” of 2500 of the world’s climate scientists have been shown to be bogus, or faulty, or not properly vetted, or simply pulled out of thin air. 

We know this because newspapers in Great Britain are doing their job; vetting the 2007 report item by item, coming up with shocking news about global warming claims that formed the basis of argument by climate change advocates who were pressuring the US and western industrialized democracies to transfer trillions of dollars in wealth to the third world and cede sovereignty to the UN.

 tempgate, icegate, and now, disappearing Amazon forests not the result of warming, but of logging. And the report the IPCC based their bogus “science” on was written by a food safety advocate…

And the please-tell-me-this-is-a-joke latest: The IPCC cited a boot-cleaning guide from an Antarctic tour operator as a source. This is what passed for “consensus science” — a premise the U.S. media swallowed completely and still does. What fools.

Ah, misty water-colored memories…

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