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Happy New Year, Al Sharpton

Call it “Obama’s Paradox.” A young hopped-up black man in Ferguson robs a store and then tries to kill a policeman. The policeman defends himself and the young man dies. The media go crazy. Black agitators like the most loathsome being on the planet (just IMHO), Al Sharpton, appear on TV insulting the police and the entire white population of America (just IMHO). Black criminals riot. The President seemingly takes their side against the police.

Ooops. Major mistake, but inevitable. Obama had to play to his most basic base, angry, disaffected, alienated black youths. That’s who he is, at heart, except when he’s a billionaire in training, golf-playing fool. So, Mr. Obama and his arch henchman, Eric Holder, take up with Al Sharpton and the rioters and looters and against the police and the white community. As I say, he had to do it. That’s what he’s all about at heart.

But you cannot win siding with Al Sharpton and looting gangsters against the police. So, the GOP wins a huge win in Congress and Hillary does not look inevitable anymore.

The NYPD are dust in the wind. They tell us which way the wind of the white working class is blowing: against the “progressives” and the race agitators. Suddenly, the Democrats start looking like the fools who touched the third rail of American politics. That third rail is not Social Security any longer: It is race baiting and an unmerited, unwarranted attack on the most racially generous people in the world: white Americans. When the President and that creature de Blasio call them racist pigs and then mutter stupid platitudes when two of the police get killed as explicit race terrorism, the third rail has been not just touched but embraced.

When white middle class and working class people are insulted by the Sharptons and the President, they don’t riot: they vote Republican, the party of law and order. Obama had to touch that rail. It was his destiny, but unless something big happens, it’s going to electrocute his party.

Meanwhile, Happy New Year to Al Sharpton, best friend the Republican Party has had since Reagan. Happy New Year to my wife, a genuine saint. Happy New Year to my pal Lattice, who works mighty hard to support her family. Happy New Year to wonderful B., who is about to become free again and has been as brave as anyone can be while in captivity. Happy New Year to my sister and to Phil and to Sally Burton and to Michael Chinich, who made me a star, and to Bob, my guide on the road, and to John Coyne and Aram Bakshian, wizard writers and pals. Best of years to Lindsey Graham, the best U.S. Senator, along with John McCain. God bless every law enforcement officer, every member of the military, every firefighter, all of their families. Happy New Year to all who fight for the right of humans to be born and for the most innocent among us not to be slaughtered in the wombs of their mothers. Please God, lead us out of the moral wasteland where it pleases women to think they are being womanly to kill their children. Please lead our nation to the knowledge that “thou shalt not murder” applies to our children. Abortion is every bit as sick as any other kind of murder and it plagues this beautiful land. Time to get well. A baby is a baby is a baby and thou shalt not murder. It is not that complicated.

And please free all those locked in the prison of alcohol and drug addiction. There is an escape route. It’s free. It involves turning your life over to God and most of all, it works if you work it.

Now, as 2015 dawns, it’s bitterly cold here in Rancho Mirage. We have just had a glorious party at our club. Lots of us old folks dancing pitifully but having a good time. It is too cold to swim but not too cold to thank God for every man and woman who ever went into combat for us, for their widows and orphans, and for those who serve right now.

Everything we have, we owe to those who serve us and offer up their lives for us, whether in New York or Afghanistan or Missouri. We can never be grateful enough. They died to free the black man. They died to save us from racial Darwinism. They died to keep back the tide of Communism. They die still to hold back the tidal wave of Islamic fundamentalism. They die to keep our society free from anarchy and murder and terror from local gangsters. How can we ever repay them? Certainly not by calling them names and throwing rocks and bullets and epithets at them. Thank you, Mr. de Blasio and Mr. Sharpton, for clearing up the picture and letting us know which side we are on. In your own way, Mr. Sharpton, you are doing a great service.

Good night. And let us pray to love our fellow man and not to call him names and kill him. There is peace in prayer.

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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