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GrumbleGrumbleRomneyisUnimpres…. er, Romney Is Sorta Okay

As is often the case, Bill Kristol has some words to the wise. Remember that Kristol was one of the earliest advocates of, and perhaps the last to give up on, the idea of drafting somebody good, just about anybody good, into the presidential race who would be a better conservative reformer and stronger candidate than Mitt Romney. Still, Kristol has his eye on political reality: 

Mitt Romney is an intelligent, hardworking, pragmatic problem-solver with a conservative disposition. He might as well present himself that way. It will be easier than any alternative self-presentation, and has the added advantage that it’s probably what a majority of the country wants right now. So we say to our fellow conservatives: Let Romney be Romney.

And we say to the Romney campaign: Let us conservatives be conservatives. 

But doesn’t Kristol know how difficult it will be for conservatives? Of course he does. He was never of the Romney camp. But he does offer some reason for optimism, based on the example of… well, apparently strangely, of FDR. But Kristol may be right on that count. Read it yourself by clicking through the link above. Still, I say: “Grumble.” “Grumble.” “Dadblast it, grumble!” At my most enthusiastic, I can muster only about one and three-quarter cheers for the apparent Republican nominee. Then again, I can muster precisely zero cheers for the man Occupying the Oval Office. Regarding both cheers and action, conservatives would be wise to consider that math.

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