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Greenpeace, Bastion of Hilarity

Somewhere in the Obama/Podesta/Soros Axis of Feeble it was decided to launch an attack on the Koch family of companies, since the renowned libertarians “have been looming in the background of every major domestic policy dispute [last] year,” according to the Center for American Progress, and are guilty of “a vicious attack campaign aimed directly at obstructing and killing progressive reform.” Oh, and they are part of Big Oil.

So the Chicago Way has been unleashed against their ideological opposition with Greenpeace serving as a primary vehicle. The watermelon group made a big splash a couple of months ago with a report on Koch’s “secret” funding of the “climate denial machine.” Now they’ve moved into the mockery stage, except they’re not very good at it:

Really funny: drop into the middle of Manhattan as some “climate cop” character and act like you’re trying to find the two ninth-richest people in the country, as though you were making some comedic point about intentional elusiveness on the Kochs’ part. They might as well expect to find David Letterman or George Steinbrenner walking down a public street. Har.

But Greenpeace doesn’t stop with that one. The hilarity ensues following the same theme, as a cheerful young gal (look — I’m polite!) attempts to deliver a letter of inquiry about their philanthropy — don’t bust a gut — to Koch Industries’ NYC headquarters!

Note how Aliya wants to give the appearance that Greenpeace wants to debate, but only on the subject of the Kochs’ funding of “climate denial science.” Meanwhile the watermelons continue to avoid debate over the science itself.

If Greenpeace really wants to find David Koch, they need not look far: he hangs out with their liberal friends. Isn’t that funny?

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