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The Gotaways
CBP officers at border wall, Santa Teresa, New Mexico, June 6, 2018 (Poli Pix Co. LLC/

President Biden’s border crisis, for which he is entirely responsible, has gotten steadily worse. Biden is allowing practically anyone from anywhere to enter our southern border (except for Cubans, whom Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Majorkas has said wouldn’t be admitted. They might become Republicans, after all).

Former President Trump’s border wall was never completed. Illegal immigrants are flooding through its gaps.

Biden is spending a reported $2 billion to terminate contracts for construction of the Trump border wall. Meanwhile, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is attempting to finish Trump’s wall along the state’s border with Mexico.

Illegal aliens captured at the border now number about 180,000 per month and are estimated to total about two million by the end of 2021. That estimate is likely far too small.

The captured illegal aliens are given a date on which they are supposed to appear for a hearing on their status and released into our states, cities, and towns. They are given identity cards — in whatever name they claimed when arrested — which allow them to board airliners. Most don’t appear for their assigned hearings. They are offered anti-COVID vaccine shots, and about one-third refuse them.

The National Sheriff’s Association has estimated that nearly half of the illegal immigrants coming into the U.S. are infected with COVID-19.

Some who slip through the border are caught farther inside the United States. In May, one group was caught by Yuma Arizona district border control agents while smuggling methamphetamines. The place they were caught — the Air Force bombing range on Luke Air Force Base — wasn’t in use at the time.

But what about those who aren’t caught? I’ve always suspected that their number equaled or exceeded the number who are. That is apparently incorrect. A new report in the Washington Times gives us the first clear glimpse at their numbers and who they are.

The calculation of their number is based on estimates by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The number of those caught is deducted from the total of those detected by surveillance cameras, sensors, drones, and footprints. There are some who are pursued and evade capture.

The result concludes that at least 270,000 illegal aliens who have entered the country this year have not been caught. At this point, the number of “gotaways” is about 1,100 in each 24-hour period.

According to the report, Sheriff Mark Daniels of Cochise County, Arizona, says that about 90,000 of the “gotaways” passed through his county so far this year. This, Sheriff Daniels says, is because about 300 Border Control agents have been pulled off the line from one station for other duties and, as a result, three checkpoints haven’t been manned for months.

The “gotaways” aren’t the economic immigrants who pass through the Border Patrol’s hands. Those people are caught — often seeking out Border Patrol agents to whom they can surrender — and released.

The “gotaways” are drug smugglers, people with prior criminal convictions in the U.S. who have been deported, and other lowlifes who cross our borders intending to continue their criminal careers. These drug cartels are very inventive and take advantage of Biden’s open borders daily by smuggling everything from heroin to fentanyl. Fentanyl smuggling is reportedly up nearly 80 percent over last year.

A deadly dose of fentanyl can be as small as two milligrams. A typical Tylenol pill contains a 250mg dose of acetaminophen.

Both illegal immigrants who are caught and those who aren’t are a danger to national security and public safety that Biden and the other Democrats aren’t willing to recognize.

As I have written in the past, the illegal aliens who are caught may be infected with a variety of diseases, from COVID to tuberculosis. Releasing them into the general population is a “super-spreader” policy that endangers public health.

The “gotaways” are an even more serious danger. They are criminals and inevitably among them are terrorists. Those who aren’t terrorists will soon commit more crimes, even serious ones such as murder, rape, and selling drugs. Some have been deported many times before, but Biden’s open-border policy is an invitation that they are glad to accept.

Biden’s unwillingness to enforce the laws that should control our borders is a violation of his oath of office and an impeachable offense. This unwillingness to enforce the law has spread around the country, as we saw in last summer’s riots in many cities such as Portland and Seattle where governors and mayors refused to put the riots down. Those mayors and governors who refuse to enforce their states’ and cities’ laws are also impeachable. But neither Biden nor any of those mayors and governors will be impeached because the Democrats do not want the law enforced.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, after a year of riots that caused injuries to many of Portland’s residents and cost millions in property damage, announced last week a “Welcome Back to the Heart of Portland” festival with roller skating, free concerts, and other fun, family-friendly activities. I’m sure the welcome is gladly received by the Antifa and BLM people who rioted. The “gotaways” may as well, but most of them probably have plans that draw them to other parts of the nation.

Washington congressional candidate Matt Larkin’s campaign slogan is “Make crime illegal again.” It’s a slogan that should be adopted by every Republican running in 2022.

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