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Gore Likes What’s Going On Down Under

One of Al Gore’s minions posted at his personal blog yesterday a plea for Americans to stage nationwide protests similar to those he’s read about in Australia:

It is my hope we see activism like this here in the United States. A special thanks goes out to those I trained in Australia to give my slide show. They played a major role in the events:

“In Sydney, Al Gore’s Climate Project presenter, Nell Schofield, attracted huge cheers when she said Australia’s lack of political action on climate change was ‘not only embarrassing, it is morally reprehensible.'”

Schofield cited Gore at one of the rallies:

“As Al Gore says, politicians are also a renewable resource,” she said.

First Things‘ Wesley J. Smith calls the Gore appeal “pretty pathetic”:

One reason former Australian PM Kevin Rudd lost his job and popularity was his attempt to impose a carbon tax.  Indeed, when I was Down Under recently, his successor, Julia Gillard, explicitly calibrated her election campaign to not seem radical about climate change….So these protests Gore is excited about mean next to nothing.

Back here in the USA, I don’t doubt that lefties could put together a protest–with drummers and big puppets too!  That’s what they do, after all.  But a sustained mass movement of the kind likely to move policy, as during Vietnam, predicated upon imposing a carbon tax and other economy-killing measures?  In a bad recession?  Not. A. Chance.

Bill McKibben‘s 350.org already staged a global rally last October. What — you didn’t hear about it?

So effective that the Copenhagen conference attendees launched into immediate inaction.

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