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Go Occupy Yourselves, My Darlings

So… today rain came down in sheets here in Los Angeles. As I walked down Camden Drive in Beverly Hills after a righteous lunch at Mister Chow, the wind was forcing the rain at me horizontally. I got soaked. Earlier, my wife had slipped and fallen on the wet, slippery floor of a parking garage. No one in the garage made a move to help her. I, of course, picked her up and said to the parking attendant, “You’re pretty stupid. That woman who fell is the only woman in Beverly Hills who wouldn’t sue you for that slip. You might at least thank her and help her.”

He shrugged and said something in Spanish.

Anyway, it was that kind of day and when I got to Malibu, the sky was overcast and dreary and I was in traffic. Then the sun came out in a dazzling way.

On the radio, they played a story about the demonstrators on Wall Street demonstrating –literally — against human nature — greed and stupidity. Literally. Many of them were — so we were told –recent college graduates who could not get employment.

Various leftists came on and said how cruel Wall Street was and how they should be blamed for those poor unemployed college kids’ problems.

Then came Herman Cain. He said, very simply, “If you are a college graduate and you can’t get a job, you shouldn’t blame Wall Street. You shouldn’t blame the banks. You should blame yourself.”

A Daniel come to judgment. The sun suddenly came out.

The next step, I am sure, by the way, for the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd is for Anderson Cooper, Bill Maher, and Jon Stewart, the trifecta of conventional wisdom’s failed liberalism, to come down to Wall Street and join the masses in demanding more of our tax money so they can all be supported as novelists and movie directors.

You poor kids. You are basically asking to be supported and taken care of by Mommy and Daddy. Wake up, kids. Wall Street is you, with all of your wants and needs and wishes, only they have the balls to go out and work for it. Sometimes they are crooks and sometimes they are fools — but you know what? So are all of us.

Listen to Mr. Cain. Shut up and get to work.

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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